How to Find Employees for your Wedding Planning Business

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While avoiding bad vendors and trying to meet unrealistic D-day expectations may seem daunting, hiring the right employees is certainly not what should be taking most of your time and mental energy if you are running a wedding planning company. Finding employees is easy if you know exactly what you want from them.

To be able to do that, you should first set down some absolute essentials and non-negotiables in your future employee.

What to look for

It’s a good idea to look for people who are street smart. Such people have situational understanding and can deal with unexpected difficulties which are bound to occur in an event management engagement.

Next on the list should be people who are proactive and hardworking. These are two very important qualities to sustain for long hours, day and night, in the wedding planning world since weddings are elaborate affairs and there are always too many details to look into.

Organizational and communication skills are other qualities you ought to look for before hiring your future employee.

Finally, looking for people with a creative streak is a given since that is what can differentiate you from the other tyrants in the field.

Where to look

After you’ve set these conditions, now if the time to actually start looking. And there is plenty of help available. Recruitment agencies have an extensive network of candidates for all kinds of jobs. Some even supply for part-time needs. Tap into these by employing them and be clear with your needs. Describe the culture of your business for even better hiring results. The other thing you can do is post on portals like This would require a time commitment on your side though, as you would likely get hundreds of resumes – and not many of them may be suitable. Posting on social media sites like LinkedIn can also be done.

Having said this, to be able to attract qualified talent, you have to ensure you offer a competitive salary or other perks like vacation time and work from home. While finding the right employee may seem like a herculean task, with these best practices you can ensure you are on the path to a good hire.


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