How to find love while social distancing

Social distancing and dating doesn’t sound like the best combination. Dating is inherent in everything social distancing is not: meeting new people, taking them to a social occasion and … touching people. As a single during the corona crisis you hardly touch anyone. Something you usually do not think about, but now seems all too familiar.

The only real option currently left is online dating. Social media and dating apps are just about the only ways to make new contacts. This has now been discovered by singles all over. Yes, online dating can be a bit overwhelming at times. Thanks to the facetuned selfies, the snappy written bios and witty opening sentences and the wide range of singles in which it is difficult to stand out.

Capture real life moments on your dating profile

It is important to have an attractive dating profile on Dorset dating site. How do you do that? Capture real life moments. So, for example, do you love diving? Include some diving pictures. The first photo on your profile is a clear photo of your torso and face and the second photo should be an artistic and / or funny and / or active photo. Show your hobbies and interests in the third, fourth and perhaps fifth photo. In this way, a conversation can also start, and it does not stop at the almost obligatory ‘What do you do for work?’ “Oh cool! I’m doing this and this’ ping-pong conversation. Take it to the we-form. Talk about things you could possibly do together, or something you could laugh about together. Only exchanging information does not encourage anyone to act. Make it sexy, then it goes loose. You have to convey a vibe.

Think twice before running back to your ex

We understand that during this time you tend to get back to your ex. This urge makes sense, and you’re certainly not alone in thinking about it. Especially in times of depression, illness and insecurity, people often go back to their bad habits, which can be an ex, for example. It is important to realize that the problems you had with your ex will still be there. They have not magically disappeared because you both feel bored and alone. There are, of course, exceptions. Maybe you can use this time to communicate well and to solve issues. But think carefully about this before you do this, because in most cases going back to your ex is not a good plan.

Slow Dating

As a result, singles on dating Dorset talk to each other much longer before they actually see each other, or kiss, or have sex. Now you have the opportunity to get to know someone at a slow pace and if you both invest so much time in building a connection, that gives confidence.

Slow dating is all about quality over quantity. Taking it slower means that you would rather find one good match than twenty what could be the matches. In any case, the whole idea of ​​a dating app like meat inspection is gone. And finally you will not be compared with others continuously. People no longer hop from person to person. I mean, you can do that on a dating app, but it quickly gets boring. All you can do is chat.

Well, dating life during social distancing is not all misery. And when you have restaurants and cafes open at least you can go for a drink or dinner.  At least everyone seems to better understand the value of a connection and relationship.

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