How to find the best quality wig for your wedding?

Looking good starts with feeling good. Because a positive outlook is the most important thing to bring color to your life. Wearing a beautiful wig on your wedding day can make you feel more confident.

There are many stories about wigs. A wig doesn’t have to be expensive (or made of real hair) to look good on you when you get it at a wholesale hair vendor. But it is especially important to choose correctly that fits with skin color, eyes and face shape. Try to approximate your natural hair tone as much as possible. If you choose well and maintain a wig correctly, it will not be recognizable as such from afar.

Find the best quality wigs

With high quality lace front wigs if you choose the best fitting wig, take good care of it, put it on correctly and don’t walk around with it for years, you won’t notice that it’s not your real hair.

What types of wigs are there? “You have synthetic wigs and real hair wigs.  There is a prejudice that the second kind would seem more real, but that is not always the case. You can hardly distinguish them from high-quality synthetic hair work, which costs a lot less. Moreover, you do not have to brush a synthetic wig. You wash it with a specific product, let it dry on a support and it immediately returns to its original shape.

You can recognize a well-made synthetic wig by the fact that it does not shine unnaturally brightly and is not too heavy, and the transparent and hand-knotted interior. We call this a monofilament because the hairs are sewn thread by thread. They try to mimic the scalp. So even with a strong gust of wind, you don’t see any stitching that betrays an artificial hairpiece.

The same models with identically the same hair and shades also exist in machine versions. The difference is in the interior. of dust. That is heavier and not transparent, but cheaper.

Advantage of real human hair wigs

The advantage of natural real human hair is that it falls and moves more naturally, and that, like real hair, it can also be processed with a curling iron or straightener and coloring. Natural hair will reflect light in a different way too. Nowadays there are also wigs that combine synthetic and natural hair, so that they can be processed. The choice for a hair piece is also possible. This is a section of hair that is tied into or on your own hair to make it fuller or to cover bald spots. The price for a wig can vary greatly, depending on, among other things, the length and type of hair. Natural hair is more expensive than synthetic hair.

Also keep in mind that a blonde wig wears out if you wear it daily, so you will have to replace it regularly. However, the most expensive wig is not necessarily the best for you. It is important that you choose a model that suits you. Therefore, get advice, they are happy to help you in the search for a suitable wig or a hair piece.

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