How to find the best wedding photographers in Washington DC

Its a challenge for every couple to find the right wedding photographer. So here are some tips to find a wedding photographer or engagement photographers in Washington DC that suits you.

Most couples will start their search for Wedding photographers in Washington DC on the internet. This way you often get a good idea of the style of photography and the way of working. This is also often the moment when people are a little overwhelmed by the enormous supply. To apply some structure in your search it is useful to first set a number of criteria:

• What is your budget?
• Which style of photography do you prefer?
• Do you prefer dmv wedding photographers or is the location less important
• Do you want the photos on USB or a package with photos & album?

In addition to searching the internet, it is of course also a good idea to check with friends or family who are already married. Maybe their engagement photographers in Washington DC is highly recommended! You also have a reliable reference right away. It is also recommended to look for wedding photographers in Washington DC on time. Especially in the ‘high season’  so start orienting as soon as you know the wedding date.

Meet your wedding photographer
It is a really good idea to plan an introductory meeting with the engagement photographers in Washington DC  or wedding photographers that appeal to you. Usually such an introductory meeting is free of obligation and offers you the opportunity to discuss your wishes and ask questions.

Check which information your photographer needs:
• Scenario / planning
• Addresses of all locations
• Name and telephone number of the master of ceremonies
• Possible list with family, friends for photos
• Possible points of attention regarding details or planning

And then your wedding day has finally arrived! To get the most beautiful wedding photos this the most important tip: let go and enjoy the day and each other! Do not worry about the wedding photos and let the dmv wedding photographers do their work!

Rodney Bailey is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Washington DC specialized in storytelling:

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