How To Find the Perfect Dress For Any Occasion

People often struggle with finding the perfect dress for a special occasion. The challenge with getting the dress code, color, size, budget, and cut right is usually the top five problems. This is why some people are more comfortable visiting the clothing store to try them out before purchasing. Although 59% of clothing sales were made online at the end of 2019, people would rather opt for the more assuring option – shopping in person. The points below focus on guidelines to help you find that dress, no matter where or how you shop.

1. Find a dress that compliments your body type

Usually, the lure to follow trendy styles is strong on these special occasions. The bad news, however, is that trends come and go. Moreover, not every trendy style may compliment your body. This is why it is beneficial to know your body type. Stylists say there are several body types for women – some examples are the hourglass, the oval, pear, and the bottom hourglass.

Each type may suit specific cuts and styles for that special occasion. Sometimes, you may need a stylist’s help to determine your exact body type. The trick, however, is to find a dress style that highlights the best assets on your body. It may be your waistline, backside, bosom, or curves. Some people may want to fit into fashion guidelines that advocate creating balance with the dress choice. While this may help to some extent, it is better to feel comfortable and confident with the choice you made.

2. Make a choice that incorporates your personal style

Whatever you wear, it is important to project your personal style to communicate your personality. For example, some people will opt for a high fashion look on special occasions like weddings because that is their personal style. On the other hand, others will go for a toned-down look to better project their personality. Indeed, there is the worry of your style clashing with the dress code, if any.

The best way to maneuver around this is to respect the dress code and incorporate highlights that project your personal style. For example, in many instances, beach weddings will require female guests to wear breezy maxi dresses or a sundress. However, if you consider yourself a fashionista, you can infuse your personality into your clothing choice by wearing a high-quality romper. With a quick search online, you can find ideal wedding guest dresses that fit the occasion perfectly. Do not forget to accessorize accordingly.

3. Budget accordingly

While you struggle with finding the perfect dress for that special occasion, there may be a more pressing concern. This is the budget. When you finally make up your mind about what to wear, the cost will matter. This is why it is recommended to plan how much you intend to spend on a dress. As expected, top brands will cost more than lesser-known labels.

Also, if you intend to wear the dress more than once, it may be wise to spend a bit more on something that will last longer. The last thing you want is to end up with a weakened fabric after a few rounds of machine wash.

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