How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venue

There are so many things to choose when you start to plan your wedding – from the color scheme to the flowers, then there’s the dress, the favors, the menu. But one of the most important things, that will probably dictate a lot of the other decisions you make, is the venue. You want to make sure, not only that you have your dream wedding venue, but also one that can accommodate you and your fiance’s needs. Here are a few things to think about and questions to ask when you go and see venues.

Is there outside space?

Photos outside for your wedding are just dreamy and will give you some gorgeous lasting memories to cherish forever. If you want to be inspired by some venues with truly exceptional outdoor spaces, have a look at for some ideas. Your guests can mingle in the fresh air and enjoy drinks after the ceremony – an outdoor space creates a truly memorable wedding.

Is there a private space for the bride and groom?

It’s definitely worth checking if there’s a little room tucked away somewhere that’s just for you. Not only is this really important for practical reasons – what if something happens to your dress? Or if you have a separate outfit for the evening reception and you want to change? But, maybe more significantly, you might want a little space to have a moment to yourself. Your wedding day is a hectic one, and you might be running on little to no sleep, be meeting people for the very first time, plus there’s the nerves and adrenaline of actually getting married in the first place. A private room is a big plus.

What’s the food like?

People will always remember the food at a wedding. Think back to some weddings you’ve been to – you’ll probably remember the food more than most other parts of the wedding. You need to ask your venue whether they allow external caterers if you want something really specific. If not, what’s the food like there? Check out for some ideas for truly memorable wedding breakfasts. You should be offered a tasting, wherever you end up visiting and take advantage of that!

What time is closing time?

If you and your partner are big partiers and you just know that you and the guests will want to dance the night away, then make sure you check the closing times of your venue. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’ve paid your deposit, only to find out that you need to be out by 10pm. Another question is what time you can have your ceremony. If you want to be early, then can your venue accommodate that? Do you have access to it the day before so you can drop off decorations or go and have a final look at the setup? These are all important things to check in with your venue about before committing.

Can you have the ceremony there?

Finally, it’s worth reading up on the legal part. Can you actually get married at your venue? Do your homework, and you’ll have a fabulous time!

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