How to find the right engagement or wedding ring?

colored diamonds

Are you searching for a wedding or engagement ring? First, you need to know what kind of ring you want: will it be a ring with a single gem or several colored diamonds? And which gem would you like? For example, if you like pink, you could go for a pink diamond, but if your budget is a bit more limited, you could find a very nice pink sapphire for a smaller price. What kind of ring style do you want? A traditional solitaire ring with a diamond? Or would you rather go for an entourage ring with sapphire? Everything is possible and allowed, it is about what suits you!

Colored diamonds

At the moment, colored gems for engagement and wedding rings are popular. But whatever gemstone you choose: pay attention to sustainability! Precious stones have different qualities. You may know that diamond is one of the hardest gems. That is one of the reasons why diamonds in particular are so popular in engagement and wedding rings: they do not damage quickly and are therefore extremely suitable for everyday use. If you find a white diamond a bit dull, then you can also look at a fancy color diamond such as pink, blue or canary yellow. Pay close attention to the quality of the gem.

colored diamonds

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

Shape of the diamond

A gemstone that is also hard but slightly less hard than a diamond is a sapphire. Soft gems are less suitable for daily use. You should therefore not use such gems in an engagement ring. Examples of soft gemstones are opals and emeralds. In addition to the type of gemstone, you also have a choice of shape. Traditionally, cut gems do well. But if you want something special, you could also opt for an emerald cut or oval gemstone.

This purple stone may look like an amethyst but is a purple sapphire. Sapphires are fairly hard stones and therefore suitable for daily wearing! An engagement ring must be suitable for daily use. Apart from the fact that the gemstone must be suitable for this, the ring must also be comfortable. A very heavy ring may not be suitable for daily wear.


Also keep your budget in mind. It is still possible to find a high quality affordable diamond ring according to your taste and style. See the infographic for tips. 


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