How to fit in the dress: Wedding Diet Tips  

wedding diet tips

There’s no greater motivation to lose weight and get fit than your own wedding! It’s only natural you want to look your best in your wedding gown and in your wedding photos, and if that means dropping a few pounds, read on for the best wedding diet tips.

Healthy Diet

First and foremost, say NO to extreme measures and quick fix fad diets, because they are neither healthy nor safe. You want to look your best AND feel your best on your big day.

It can be as simple as giving up junk food: sodas, candies, chips and baked goods. Foods filled with empty calories, a bunch of sugar, salt and bad fat are a quickest way to gain weight and lower your energy levels.  On top of that, sugar causes the skin to age faster because it hastens the degradation of collagen. Salt makes your body retain the fluid which causes bloating and puffiness.

Stick to three meals a day with two healthy snacks, with breakfast being the most important meal of the day.

wedding diet tips


While the food you eat is extremely important, it’s not enough if you want to lose weight and tone up. An active lifestyle will make you shed extra pounds, it will lower your stress levels and will make you feel and look healthier, so be firm about it. Pick your favorite activity and stick to it no matter what. Jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics… the choice is yours. Just make sure you treat your workouts like you would treat your business appointments. A great method that is proven to work is coolsculpting. Instead of going on a strict diet and heavy training this is one of the best solutions to reshape your body.

wedding diet tips


Drinking more water throughout the day prevents cravings and helps your body flush out excess salt and sugar, which will result in less bloating. Also, drinking water before each meal can actually help you lose weight – it helps fill your stomach a little so you end up eating less, and it can keep you feel more satisfied after meals, which means you’ll snack much less.

General recommendation is eight to twelve cups per day, but if you have a problem with drinking that much plain water, herbal teas are a great and healthy source of hydration as well. Do you have other wedding diet tips? Feel free to share comment below!


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