How to Get Awesome Looking Skin Before the Wedding?

The moment you have cherished in your dreams is close to reality. Every bride-to-be has mixed emotions for the D-day. Wedding day make-up can enhance your look or may cause blunders if you don’t do it right. But of course, your skin base is a deciding factor for your final look!

So, start early with your pre-bridal skincare regimen to get the best results. Keep scrolling to get acquainted with the world-famous skincare practices for a radiant bridal look.

1.     Indulge in mindful eating

Do you know that your eating habits reflect through your skin? So, you have to invest equal time for healthy eating. You can prepare a personalized diet chart by consulting a dietitian or a nutritionist. Try to reduce your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Moreover, your skin’s hydration level should be maintained. If you find drinking plain water boring, you can go for coconut water or lime water. Finally, never forget to have a cup of green tea as its anti-oxidants help your skin have a consistent glow.

2.     Opt for professional facials

This is the right time to spend extra bucks for pampering. After all, it’s your wedding and you look best! Six months before your wedding is the best time for professional facials. Another benefit associated with this professional treatment is that the salon professional gets acquainted with your skin type. You can ask for deep cleansing depending on your skin’s condition. Never try any new product without a patch test. Always choose a facialist who is a good listener and knows about your skin needs.

3.     Skin exfoliation can do wonders

Are you worried about your dull skin? Take a chill-pill. Go for weekly exfoliation of your skin to remove dead cells as it will remove the dullness of your skin too. Additionally, pair up your exfoliation regimen with a brightening serum to get a perfect radiance when you walk down the aisle. Brides-to-be give importance to their skin the most. Treat your dull elbows and knees with a salt scrub to make them softer and brighter. The eyes also need extra care. In case you are suffering from dark circles, you can nourish your under-eye area with a natural eye cream. Make sure it has clean ingredients that won’t irritate your delicate eye area.

4.     Do not forget CTM routine

As the wedding date approaches, you start getting busier, but don’t forget to follow your skincare routine. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should be followed consistently. Each step has an advantage. On the one hand, cleansing makes your skin breathable while toning tightens the skin pores. Similarly, moisturization makes your skin fresh and supple.

Try to believe in the concept of minimalism. It’s just two months before the wedding, so don’t go overboard and just stick to the basics. Don’t forget to protect your skin from scorching sunlight and apply sunscreen in the daylight.

5.     Face mask: a prerequisite for healthy skin

A face mask is not an alternative to CTM routine, but it’s an add-on. For normal to oily skin, clay-based, rubber, or peel-off masks works the best. If you have dry skin, hydrogel masks enriched with hyaluronic acid can hydrate your skin. In case you have acne-prone skin, clay masks with citric acid, tea tree, or lactic acid are your best friend! Face masks not only rejuvenate your skin but also provide you time to relax.

Every bride deserves to look illuminated and healthy on her wedding day, so these tips to get awesome looking skin on the special day will help you look the brightest!

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