How to Get Married for Less Than £1000

wedding costs

Wedding prices are going through the roof these days, so it’s no wonder that couples now want to get married in the cheapest way possible. We can’t all afford Lionel Richie to come in and perform Dancing on the Ceiling to end our night do, and a horse and carriage might not be on the cards either. However, if your number one priority is to just marry the person you love, have a look at some of the below tips that will enable you to do that with a budget less than a grand.

Videos Invitations for £3.50

With the average wedding costs of more than £30,000 in 2016, it’s no surprise why people want to try and save money at every opportunity. The first hurdle comes with the invitations. Couples spend hundreds on perfectly customized physical card invitations and while they look beautiful, they’re expensive. Why not using social media instead? To achieve this, look at some of the online freelancer sites like Fiverr to hire someone to create a video invitation and send it via Facebook. It’s a unique way of doing things and you will likely get quicker responses.

Unique Venue Setting & Music – £100+

So many couples spend vast amounts of money on venues these days, spending upwards of £5,000 – and that’s one of the cheapest options. This isn’t at all necessary if you’re looking for a wedding on a budget. Many other couples contact their local halls and even have weddings on random fields. You have so many options in this area and it doesn’t have to cost thousands. Look at to save even more money.

Seating – £50

When it comes to the venue, you’ll want to ensure all the old people have somewhere to sit, otherwise, they’re just going to moan. Seating doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re clever about it. Picnic blankets or bring your own chairs are just some of the options available to you.

Buffet Style Food – £300

The food could end up being one of the most expensive things for a wedding, but if you’re having a buffet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t spend less. Buffet-style menus are the best because they cater for everyone, offer more variety, and are much cheaper than caterers.

Wedding Dress – £350

Gone are the times when your only option for a wedding gown was to go to your local wedding dress shop. Now, with the help of websites like Etsy, it’s possible to get a custom-made dress on the cheap. There are many designers out there with plenty of positive reviews, so opting for this route could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands.

Hair & Makeup – £0

Another costly service is hair and makeup for the bride and bridesmaids. This can cost hundreds of pounds, but it’s totally unnecessary if you’re more interested in saving money. Your friends will be more than happy to have practice sessions leading up to the wedding to see what best suits your tastes, so don’t spend hundreds when it’s not needed.

With wedding costs now getting closer to the average cost of £40,000, it’s becoming more popular to have a simple wedding so couples can splash the cash on much more important things.


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