How to improve your relationship with your partner using affirmations?

Relationships require dedication, commitment and hard work. But most of all they require a sense of positivity. Knowing that he’s the one, is perhaps the most valuable thing a woman can want in any relationship. This becomes essentially important when a relationship hits a rough patch (even a great one will) and you need to recover and move ahead. Affirmations come in handy in such situations and have an overall positive effect even in normal routine. Affirmations are statements you repeat to yourselves and have faith that they are absolutely true.

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Don’t be taken aback by the abstract nature of this exercise – peace of mind is essential to excel at anything. The importance of positivity cannot be overstated, and affirmations are a great way of getting positive vibes. All you need is a few minutes every day and to relax. So here are some affirmations that you can use to make your relationship extra special:

We’re having fun

You would’ve noticed that the expression says we and not I, it means that you can use it both in private (say it to yourself). When you’re with your significant other as well. Imagine, you’re on a date, and you get stuck in traffic – instead of getting all fussy and frustrated, you can say” “we are having fun”, and obviously you are, you’re together and isn’t that what matters? And you’re partner will definitely reciprocate, since he cherishes you just as much you cherish him. In case, he doesn’t feel like saying it with you, you can always do the exercise in private.

I am connected to everyone and everything

Your relationship with your partner is indeed the biggest thing going on in your life right now. But you have other relations too such as your parents, siblings, friends and so much more. This affirmation will not only help you directly get a deep connection with everyone in your life but it will also make your romantic relationship so much better.


I am worthy of love and joy

Isolation and loneliness are two major problems in today’s world. But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer an abusive relationship, you deserve to be loved and cherished, and you will surely get it. This is an open ended affirmation and increases your self-esteem. It is allowing you to step out of a relationship that’s not working out no matter what you try to do, because your happiness matters.


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