How To Incorporate Colorado Culture Into Your Wedding

Are you thinking about having your wedding in Colorado? Learn how to incorporate Colorado culture into your wedding for the best woodsy fairytale ceremony.

One of the most scenic places to have your wedding is in Colorado. Suppose you’re having your big day in the Centennial State. In that case, you probably want to learn how to incorporate Colorado culture into your wedding for an event you’ll cherish and remember forever. Even if you aren’t planning your big day in the state of Colorado, you can still implement these ideas to give guests the feeling as if they were among the mountains.

Have a Colorado View

A must-have for a wedding in this state is choosing the best Colorado wedding venues with a view. Colorado is all about mountains and the breathtaking views you can find while in nature. Set up the perfect backdrop for your big event and find a venue that has an immaculate view, no matter if you’re getting married during the day or at night.

Incorporate Adventure

A massive component of Colorado is the amount of physical activity and adventures available. Hiking is a huge recreational sport that most residents participate enjoy. In between the ceremony and the reception, offer your guests a list of fun activities they can do while you and your wedding party take pictures.

Use Natural Colors

It is safe to say that most of the theme will be woodland if your wedding takes place in the mountains,. For your wedding party, dress them up in dark greens, navy blues, and crème colors to complement the surrounding areas. Subtle colors like these can pull your whole theme together.

Native Florals

Familiarize yourself with the native plants and florals that grow in the area where you plan to have your wedding. The bouquets you’ll be carrying can draw from the nature surrounding the ceremony, making it picture-perfect. If you have something specific in mind, speak with your florist so they can incorporate native elements into the bouquets.

Farm to Table Meal

A considerable component of Colorado culture is restaurants carrying ingredients straight from local farms directly to your table. Find vendors or catering companies that use fresh, natural ingredients that are sustainable and organic. Adding this flare to your dinner makes for a unique way to dish out the cuisine at a wedding.

Incorporate Mountain Themed Décor

Turn the dinner table centerpieces into mountain-themed souvenirs. Elevate your wedding one step further and incorporate quotes that follow the nature/mountain theme along with cutouts and other design elements that represent escaping to the serenity of the mountains.

Always keep your style in mind when curating your wedding décor and venues. Incorporating Colorado culture into your wedding is what you need if you want a more woodland-themed ceremony and reception. Dazzle guests with these ideas, and you’ll indeed have a night to remember.

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