How to Keep All Your Guests Entertained at the Wedding

There are many creative ways on how you can entertain your wedding guests. Some of them require better organization, while others are casual yet very effective.

Don’t let your guest wait empty-handed. While you are preparing for the wedding reception, think about creative ways to entertain them. If you are in the lack of ideas, don’t worry – we are here to help.

Cheerful Musicians

While waiting, your guests can get easily bored. To prevent that, hire a group of musicians that will bring everyone on their feet. They will make your guests clapping, dancing, and simply having fun while waiting.

If you have classic wedding style, hire a string quartet. Classic music will calm and prepare your guests for the wedding ceremony.

Present Your Culture

What is the better occasion to show off your culture than your wedding day? Especially if you have guests from all around the world. It is a great opportunity to show off your multicultural friends and family what is typical for your country. For instance, if you are based in Mexico, you can hire a local Mariachi band. Pretty interesting and creative way to entertain, right?

Surprise Performer

Keep it classy with hiring a violinist to perform before your first dance. Sometimes, grooms know to surprise their brides with a dance. That is another excellent idea you can incorporate to your wedding. Both guests and hosts will be entertained.

Mutual Activities and Games

You can’t ever go wrong with wedding-themed puzzles, trivia, and word-guessing games on each table. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can organize lawn games such as cornhole toss. Trust us, your guests will love it.

You can set some kind of non-traditional guest book. Pinboard map is a huge trend seen all over Pinterest boards.

Photo Booth

Photo booths became popular in the last few years. And how not to be – they are the perfect way to entertain your guests. You can let your guest use it during the cocktail hour for super interesting photos you will get.

For more modern kind of people, you can try sharing game. Invite your guest to download some photo-sharing app and use the same hashtag. You will enjoy seeing all your guest’s photos in one place.

Include Kids

Kids and especially girls in white flower girl dresses can be very entertaining. Let them make a modern twist of some traditional game or activity. For instance, you can let your youngest guests dress into flower girl dresses toss up teddy bears for lucky winners to catch.

An End to Remember

Let your wedding end in a spectacular way – with gorgeous and fairytale fireworks. That will leave all your guests without breaths. You can include them as well by letting them release paper lanterns along with newlyweds. If you have an indoor wedding, you can entertain your guests with thrown confetti and fake snow. It is such a magical way to finish your wedding party. Your guests will remember it and talk about it for a long time.

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