How to Look Your Best as a Bride

Pre-wedding jitters are real, and every to-be bride agrees she has been anxious about how she looks before the wedding. Since it is one of the most important events in any bride’s life, you are expected to look and feel your best! But to achieve that, you need to plan everything early, from your outfit to your style and look. So, here are some brilliant ways to begin your big day preparations:

Start with Planning Your Outfit

Let the preparations begin with proper outfit planning. Wedding outfit planning requires heavy research! Look for dress inspiration in various bridal and wedding magazines and gain knowledge of the current trends. Wondering whether dresses with sweetheart necklines are still in trend? – grab the latest magazine and search! Many soon-to-be brides take the help of social media sites like Pinterest to create vision boards to help them decide. But while you are at it, make sure you:

  • Don’t pick the first dress you try-on
  • Involve your family and friends and take their opinions if you’re confused
  • Store the dress in a garment bag to make it look pristine
  • Pay attention to your shoes and accessories
outfit planning

Look Your Best Game Plan

1.      Get in Shape

Getting a wedding-ready body can happen with a properly planned fitness routine. Set the right goals for yourself. For example, if you have a wedding dress with a leg slit, you should focus on exercises that target leg muscles. Or, if you have chosen a two-piece lehenga that showcases your waist, you might want to focus on achieving a flat stomach. No matter what you dream of, make sure you start early! However, don’t overdo things as you might end up overexerting yourself.

Get the right workout gear like copper-infused products to prevent potential injuries. You can benefit from using copper fit gloves to promote blood flow during workouts and keep your hands cushioned during weight training! It’s also great to use copper briefs for keeping the infection at bay down there.

2.      Eat Healthy

Not just from the outside, you need to feel good from the inside, and one way to make that happen is by eating healthy! Quit bad habits like heavy drinking, sleeping late, smoking, and regularly eating junk food. Practice healthy eating by incorporating vegetables and fruits. If you are not a veggie person, you can even put them in a blender and make vegetable juice to maintain the natural glow of your face.

3.      Take Care of Your Hair

Regular hair care routines will give you shiny, radiant, and healthy-looking hair. However, to achieve this, you must begin preparing at least a year ago as achieving dazzling hair will not happen overnight, and it will take time for the results to show.

4.      Care for Your Dental Health

Your smile also plays an important role since it is the first thing anyone will notice. So, taking good care of your pearly whites is essential. Regularly brush and floss, and make dental appointments for checkups and cleanings. Check with your dentist about some treatments that can help you achieve a straighter smile.

5.      Follow a Skincare Regime

If you have not yet started a skincare routine, form one and begin practicing months before your wedding day. Develop the habit of washing your face with a suitable face cleanser twice daily. Apply sunscreen before leaving your house, even on cloudy days, as it protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

6.      Pick the Right Professionals

You don’t want anything going haywire at the last moment. So, hire the right professionals to make your dreamy wedding a success! Pick a wedding planner that knows exactly what they are doing. Hire a fitness trainer that can properly guide you through setting realistic goals. If you are confused about what to wear for all the pre-wedding functions, you can contact a personal stylist or a shopper. Lastly, get your makeup and hair done by professionals because no matter how good you are at it, the experts always know better!

Last But Not the Least…

Don’t forget to enjoy the process! Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful, but enjoy all the pre-wedding processes that make your big day memorable. Relish the moment. Smile wide and don’t be too conscious of your appearance because everything will turn out great!

Author Bio:

Rory Donnelly – Rory is the R&D Director and passionate entrepreneur, fascinated by the workings of the human body and natural solutions for common health problems. He’s single-minded in his aim to make Copper Defence a brand that’s recognized across the globe, by partnering with global brands to make these high-tech materials easily accessible for everyone. If you’d like to get in touch, email Rory at or visit for copper-infused clothing, pet accessories and more.

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