How to make a wig using bundles

With real hair, creating a wig can sometimes be a challenge. Especially if you don’t use front lace, or only have thin wigs. For example, you will often have to work with adding extra wefts and make sure you get a natural hairline that completely covers your own hair. We will explain how you can do this and get the best human hair wigs!

How to get started

For starters, you already have a choice to make. You can either choose a wig and order loose human hair weave bundles. Or you buy two same bundles which you take one apart for the wefts. With a slightly subtle color difference. We wanted to achieve a kind of high and low lights effect with this. Highlights are lighter shades and lowlights are darker shades in your hair. In this way, the whole also looks more natural.

As a base we will use the lighter bundle and we will add the wefts of the darker bundle.

Once all bundles are loose you can attach the base wig to a wig head. The best thing is if you have a styrofoam head that can be attached to a table clamp. This means that it cannot go anywhere and you can reach everything yourself.

Then you can start adding the loose Brazilian hair bundles. And contrary to what you may think, it is better not to start at the top. You build up the volume from the bottom up. You start in the neck and work with the longer lanes upwards. Here it makes a difference if you still have the wefts in order, so that way it is easier to recognize which weft should be placed where.

Anyway, you start at the bottom of the neck. Make sure you have good access and that the other hair is not in the way (secure it with hair clips, etc.). If you have the hair out of the way, you often see that there are many gaps or space between the different bundles.

You want to fill this space with your wefts. Therefore, take a suitable weft and sew it to the wig. The front of the wig is thickened in the same way as the back: from the bottom to the crown, but we have not thickened the front much because of this. the styling that will follow later. In addition, it can look very strange if you have very full or thick bangs. You don’t see this easily with real hair. However, if your character has a large pony or distinctive crest, it can also be useful to place extra wefts in the front.

Not quite sure how you are going to end up with your curly weave or how you want to do it? Then first pin everything down before you start sewing it on. This way you can still slide around with hair wefts without having to undo everything and sew again.

Weft threads
There are also special weft threads and needles to buy. These are thicker and especially suitable for these types of jobs. Also make sure you use the right color of yarn so that it does not show in the wig. Then slowly work your way up from the neck until you have covered the entire back. Then it’s time to start at the front!

Clearing the edges

Now that we’ve covered the front and back, one more thing is extremely important, especially with tailed wigs or other up-dos. The edges still need to be finished. If you pull up the hair of your wig to get started, you may see the edges showing, yes those ugly black edges that have the wefts on.

You don’t want this so we will use some more wefts to hide the edges. You can do this by not only placing the wefts on the edge but also under the edge. That way there is hair on both sides and it is almost impossible to have visible edges.

Once all the hairs together and the parts for the bangs kept separate, we could finish the whole thing. As a last step, however, we have trimmed a bit here and there and pulled some parts (half) loose for a more casual look. However, you can make this as neat and sleek as you want and needed.

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