How To Make Your Backyard Feel Cozy for Fall

Is your patio ready for snuggle season with your new spouse? Prepare for sweater weather and learn how to make your backyard feel cozy for fall.

When the temperatures drop and the leaves change colors, you know it’s time for snuggle weather. Is there anything better than cuddling up on your private patio with your sweetheart? Finding time to welcome in autumn is an excellent way to celebrate your marriage after the wedding.

You’ll need more than some pumpkins and orange décor to make your backyard feel cozy for fall. However, your deck will be cuddle-weather-ready with a few simple alterations.

Light It Up

The perfect fall backyard has a very specific kind of vibe. The good news is that creating an outdoor ambience is easy with one small feature—lights. Most homeowners use string lights to create a whimsical feel straight out of a fairytale.

 Of course, there are other ways you can light up your backyard for fall. Lanterns, tiki torches, and warm deck lighting can create the same effect for different aesthetics. Or, you could fill your space with candles for a subtle glow.

Relax With Warmth

“Cozy” and “warm” are basically synonymous. You can’t get into the autumn spirit without a fire warming you and your partner. Complete your yard with a fire feature that will get you and your spouse in a snuggling mood.

Kick your feet up in front of a grand outdoor fireplace. Alternatively, you could install a fire pit for roasting s’mores. If you want to make your deck look really interesting, consider alternative fire features like fire tables, chimineas, or a water-fire fixture.

Get Comfy With Seating

If you want to make your backyard cozy for fall, you’ll need plenty of comfy seating. This is especially vital for couples who like hosting their friends and family. A large outdoor couch with fluffy cushions will ensure people always have a place to relax.

Don’t stop there; throw down a beautiful rug and sitting cushions for added comfort. Adding pillows and blankets will guarantee a snug night on your patio. You could also post an umbrella or build a patio roof for extra overhead security.

Enjoy a Beverage

The fall season isn’t complete without an iconic beverage. Break out your pumpkin spice and apple cider to enjoy in front of your backyard fire. You could even build a patio bar so your seasonal drinks are only a few steps away.

Stock your bar with plenty of flavored syrups to create your perfect fall beverage. If you can, install a refrigerator so you can make custom drinks. Don’t forget to decorate your backyard bar with plenty of pumpkins and natural foliage.

You and your partner will never spend another fall cooped up indoors again. With these tips, you can enjoy your autumn-themed space as a newly married couple.

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