How To Make Your Dining Room Look More Industrial

To design the perfect home, newlyweds need to compromise. Learn how to make your dining room look more industrial to satisfy different aesthetics.

Newlyweds need a beautiful and inviting home to start their marriage off right. As such, you’ll need to create a dining room you’ll actually use. Why not host your first family gathering in a trendy, industrial-style space?

Learning how to make your dining room look more industrial is easy. This interior design concept is perfect for couples that need to blend their styles. With these strategically-placed design elements, you’ll have a cutting-edge dining space that is both formal and practical.

Use the Right Materials

You need to use the right materials to create the perfect industrial-style dining room. These spaces utilize rustic elements in a more modern way—the more unrefined, the better. Think reclaimed wood, copper, metal, and brick.

Industrial design is one of the most popular dining chair styles, so finding furniture shouldn’t be a problem. Choose a wooden dining table and chair set with metal accents. You could also store your wedding china in a china cabinet with copper or brass hardware.

Incorporate Edgy Light Fixtures

The industrial style is basically rusticism with a little more edge. This means you get to be creative with certain design elements. Light fixtures go a long way with this kind of concept, so choose some edgy ones to make things interesting.

Edison bulbs and steel chandeliers are staples in industrial-style dining rooms. Choose metal floor lamps with an elaborate design to make things pop. Since industrial interior designs usually use a darker color scheme, bringing in as much light as possible is essential.

Expose Your Bare Features

If you want to make your dining room look more industrial, expose some of your home’s bare features. This technique gives your space an urban look while leaning into your existing architectural elements.

Expose your ceiling beams and brick walls for an industrial aesthetic. Use piping-styled light fixtures, chair legs, and décor pieces to get back to the basics. Work with what you already have to design a space that is totally unique to your home.

Don’t Be Afraid of Eccentric Accessories

The best part about industrial-style dining rooms is all the creative potential they provide. This isn’t the time for minimal décor. In fact, industrial spaces can accommodate more eccentric accessories, so let your imagination run wild.

Your industrial dining room is the perfect area for a statement piece of art and any cool trinkets that might otherwise look out of place. Many who use this design concept even mount vintage wheels and bicycles on their walls for décor! Whether you go that far or not, the opportunities are nearly endless.

Industrial-style dining rooms are an excellent space for entertaining loved ones or enjoying time with your new spouse. Now that you’re married, you and your partner can start designing a home filled with love, laughter, and precious memories.

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