How to Organise Your Dream Wedding During COVID-19

Planning your wedding and worried that it won’t be the way you always wanted it to be? Fret not, our guide to planning the wedding of your dreams to your rescue!

Some of us were planning to switch jobs, move to new cities or get married. It all came to a standstill when WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. We’re in 2021 with a slim chance of the world getting back to normal.

We need to accept that our plans will change even though we didn’t want to but hey, change doesn’t always have to be negative. In our article, we will guide you on how to organise your dream wedding during COVID-19.

#1. Say Yes to Video Calls

Technology has made it possible for couples to get married and have their friends and family attend the ceremonies over video calls. Did you know that 500 people can attend a celebration at a time?

Use video calls to connect with your friends and family. Host functions online and let people from across the globe be a part of it.

#2. Electronic Concierge

Hire an electronic concierge to digitally tend to all your needs. They not only help you plan the wedding but also bring together a team of talented wedding specialists who will fulfil every wish, fancy or whim that you desire.

From the most inventive and skilled chefs and florists to dedicated staff, they’ll ensure that your dream wedding comes true.

#3. E-invites

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a small wedding or a big wedding (on a video call), your invitation must be special and unique.

There are a number of websites such as Canva that have a ton of predesigned templates to help you pick the invite that’s just right for the occasion.

If you want something exclusive, we recommend hiring a freelancer from portals such as UpWork and Freelancer. There are a lot of college students with excellent designing skills that will help you create a wedding invite that’ll bedazzle your guests for a small sum of mooney.

#4. RSVP List


Encourage people to confirm (or decline) your invitation. This will help you maintain an RSVP list that will come in handy when deciding the venue and planning the arrangements for all your guests.

#5. Venue


This one’s for you if you’re hosting a wedding for limited guests. Wedding ceremonies are a special and emotional experience and the venue plays a crucial role in it.

You can still have your dream wedding with a few minor tweaks to your layout to ensure all safety protocols can be followed.

The safety of your guests and social distancing should be on top priority and therefore, we recommend choosing outdoor spaces rather than indoor spaces.

Most people feel more comfortable attending ceremonies in outdoor spaces as safety protocols can be followed properly.

Ensure that temperature checks are being conducted at entry points and sanitisation of the venue and bridal suits has been done.

Another way to make the guests more comfortable is to assign a small team of people to constantly sanitise the space.

#6. Gift Hampers

Gifts have been an integral part of weddings and all couples want to create gift hampers that are exclusive and glam.

For your wedding, we recommend creating customised hampers that include gloves, masks and sanitisers.

This will not only look thoughtful but equip your guests with all the essentials they need to be able to enjoy your wedding.

You can personalise the sanitiser bottles and gloves and even wrap them up in cute jute bags with the name of the bride and the groom.

#7. Focus on Quality Over Quantity


Hosting a small ceremony is a sure-shot way to ensure everything’s perfect.


When you plan a small wedding with fewer people, the chances of things going haywire significantly reduces.

Apart from that, it allows you to plan better and iron out all the details.

Menus can be elaborate and worthwhile, the decor can be sophisticated and all of this can be done within your budget.

Choose items in your menu that people would actually want to eat rather than increasing the number of items just to create variety.

The cost will more or less be the same and people will appreciate you choosing quality over quantity.

#8. Bid Goodbye to Packed Dance Floors

Rather than a cliche dance floor, encourage people to make use of the entire premise.

Focus on toasts and fun activities and games to make the wedding memorable.

Create a setlist of your favourite songs and let people enjoy the music with delectable food and a beautiful ambience.

#9. Signature Signage


A small wedding will allow you to get creative with your decor. Make use of signage (and fairy lights).

Use signage from everything ranging from menus and seating charts to song lyrics and directions for washing hands for 20 seconds in the washrooms.

The Takeaway

Wedding season has never looked so different but you can make the most of it by planning right.

You can still have the wedding of your dreams by following our tips.

Start making your wedding plans again and this time, focus on the benefits of having a small wedding to stay motivated.

And if you ever face difficulty planning your wedding during COVID-19 or run out of decor ideas, you can always take suggestions from family and friends.

You can also hire experts and let them handle everything from creating invitations to ensuring safety at the venue as you enjoy your time with your fiance!

When’s your wedding and how are you planning it? Which tips did you find useful? Tell us in the comments section below!

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