How To Pair Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

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Congratulations on getting engaged! Now that you have the perfect engagement ring, you’re ready to shop for wedding rings. And, if you are thinking of wearing your engagement ring along with your wedding ring, then it’s best to pick out a wedding ring that pairs seamlessly with your engagement ring.

How do you choose wedding bands that pair with your engagement ring? Determining how your wedding ring will sit next to your engagement ring considering its shape and style are important initial steps you need to take when you select womens wedding rings.

Here are a few tips to consider when pairing these significant jewelleries:

1. Consider the precious metals used.

While it may be optimal to pair wedding bands and engagement rings made of matching colour metals, this is not a requirement. Mixing metals is considered a fashion-forward choice in lieu of traditional ring pairings. Take a cue from Queen Elizabeth II, who proves that it is perfectly fine to wear platinum with yellow gold. Her Royal Highness elegantly wears a 3-carat diamond engagement ring set in platinum with her Welsh gold wedding band.

Indeed, two-toned combinations such as white and yellow gold layers can look really stylish. However, different metals have different maintenance needs. For example, white gold is plated with rhodium, which means it may require more maintenance than a platinum band in order to preserve its colour.

2. Pair with engagement rings based on style.

Choose a wedding band that matches the engagement ring style, including the metal used and the thickness of the bands, for a perfectly coordinated pairing.

  1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

One of the most versatile styles is the classic solitaire engagement ring. You can opt for a plain band, a pave diamond band, or a tapered wedding band so the rings can sit flush with each other.

  1. Bezel Engagement Ring

The modern classic style is best paired with a sleek wedding band or one that features more bezel set precious stones. A shadow band that contours the engagement ring will allow for the wedding band to sit flush.

  1. Halo Engagement Ring

This engagement ring style appears delicate and feminine. Opt for a simple or thin wedding band to pair with halo rings so as not to take away the glamour of your engagement ring.

  1. Tension Set Engagement Ring

This contemporary engagement ring with a bold style perfectly pairs with a twisted and feminine-styled wedding band.

  1. Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

The rings possess such charm but they can definitely be paired with wedding ring designs that have similar features. Simply avoid wearing rings that have extreme differences in designs. Classic gemstone engagement rings look gorgeous when paired with a diamond eternity wedding ring. Elaborately designed engagement rings can be paired with a thin or braided wedding band.

But what if you find that your engagement ring doesn’t go well with a wedding band? If your engagement ring features an outsized precious stone, has a very unique shape, or doesn’t allow the rings to sit flush next to each other.

This can be an uncomfortable situation to deal with but there are some easy ways to fix this conundrum including buying bridal sets or contoured wedding bands. Opting for contoured wedding rings is one recommended solution to the problem of ring pairings. Contoured bands are designed to fit a variety of stone shapes, match the curvature of your engagement ring, and can be purchased separately. Custom designed wedding bands may also help address the need for you engagement ring to sit perfectly against your wedding ring.


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