How to pick the right bridesmaid dress?

The date for “the big day” is fixed and you are busy with the preparations. You found your dress and your partner as well. But now: what are your bridesmaids wearing? Because your girl squad must look good of course! You can already see it, you parade with your girls with matching outfits! We selected the best dresses for bridesmaids for you.

Of course it’s normal that you want unity at your wedding. Especially when it comes to your bridesmaids. But not everyone shines in a short dress and certain colors might look good on one bridesmaid and another don’t. After all everyone is different. Fortunately, kis has a lot of different options when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Set minimum requirements and let the bridesmaids choose. Or maybe choose a color such as green or white. Either long or knee length dresses.

Today bridesmaids should not be missing at your wedding. Being a bridesmaid is therefore a serious task. During your wedding they have different types of duties. To put your bridesmaids in the spotlight, you want them to put on a dress that suits them. Or maybe you were asked as a bridesmaid! But what do you do then? Do the dresses all have to be the same or in the same color?

Beautiful and graceful green dress

This green dress is nice and flirty because of the green color, but also romantic because it has such a nice fit. This dress is a wonderfully elegant piece. Also look at those details! Do check with the bride whether she agrees with the color and style … If so, you will be very happy with this dress!

Cute and classy lace-up sleeveless dress

Some dress trends never go out of style! One of them is the lace-up sleeveless dress. And this dress without sleeves gives a nice twist to the classy look. Romantic and elegant! This dress is so beautiful, cute, but also sweet at the same time. Ideal for a bridesmaid!

What theme do you choose for your bridesmaids? Let us know!

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