How To Plan A Courthouse Wedding

Many people feel the need to ditch the traditional way of doing a wedding and opt for one at the city hall.

What Is A Courthouse Wedding?

A courthouse wedding is a non-religious ceremony legally recognized by the government and performed by certain officials or authorized people. It helps couples cut on costs meant for a big wedding by keeping it personal and intimate.

Guidelines Of Planning A Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings, also known as city hall weddings, are easy to plan since they are very straightforward; however, some guidelines need to be followed in the planning process.

Here are some of the guidelines you require!

Choose A Courthouse That Is Favorable To You

When choosing a courthouse, remember to consider several factors like location or if it reminds you of something. You can also select a courthouse depending on where you met.

Research The Requirements Of A Marriage License

It is essential to figure out what is expected of you ahead of the wedding in terms of the license. The process of ensuring that your marriage is legal varies from country to country.

Apply For The License And Make An Appointment

Once you have found out and understood what is required by the city to obtain the license, go ahead and apply for one.

Depending on the city you reside in, you will require an official ID or driver’s license, birth certificates, and other details.

You are also supposed to sign using a black pen then pay using credit cards or money orders, which also varies.

If you can make an appointment earlier, then start making wedding plans. If not, then you have to wait until the courthouse schedules one for you.

Come Up With Courthouse Wedding Checklist

Confirm the list of items that you will require during the wedding. Carry all the necessary paperwork and witnesses at your appointment. Ensure that the witnesses are above 18 years old.


The procedure of acquiring a license is not complicated when you have all the documents that are required. It could only be hectic if you haven’t researched before the wedding.

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