How To Plan A Rehearsal Dinner Menu

rehearsal dinner

There are a lot of ideas to choose from when planning a rehearsal dinner menu. You can think that nothing could go wrong, but it could be pretty hectic if a few things are not considered.

What is a rehearsal dinner? The party before the main party, especially for weddings, is a rehearsal dinner. It is traditionally meant to present gifts to the bride and the groom. Usually, it is held in the evening after rehearsals and the night before the actual wedding day.

Steps Of Planning A Rehearsal Dinner Menu

Some of the things that need attention to detail include the number of guests invited, the location of the wedding party, and the season of the year.

People arrive at different times since they come from separate locations. It is good to consider a neutral time where you won’t have to go to bed too late.

Consider The Timing

Select Food That Is Easy To Eat

Since most of your guests will be meeting each other for the first time, you do not want them to be embarrassed trying to eat a complicated item on the menu. It is good to ensure that food is easy to eat.

Try Putting A Variety Of Items On Menu

Your guests will come from different parts of the country or the world. People eat different things depending on their traditions.

Put items like French fries, which are a cloud pleaser, and add varieties of ketchup, then add varieties of side dishes to suit everyone.

Label Your rehearsal dinner Menu With Visual Content

Your guests reside in different locations; the menu could have a problem if the items are not labeled with pictures.

Also, convey meals precisely as they look in the visual representation and incorporate conversation at the table using an excellent presentation.


While planning the rehearsal dinner menu, ensure that you have enough staff with adequate skills to execute your vision. Their personality also matters because good service is everything.

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