How To Plan a Romantic Workout Date With Your S.O.

workout dates

Workout dates are the romantic way to bond with your S.O. while taking care of yourself. Read on for tips on planning the perfect workout date.

When society thinks about romance, they often think of candlelight, pretty clothes, and elegant nights out on the town. But anyone who’s been in a real relationship knows that keeping the love alive takes blood, sweat, and tears. And if there’s one thing that combines all three of those things, it’s a workout.

That may be one of the reasons why workout dates are becoming so popular. (That, and the fact that a certain global lockdown has left us all needing to burn a few extra pounds.) If you want to know how to plan a romantic workout date with your S.O., check out our tips.

Decide on a Type of Workout You Both Enjoy

Maybe one of you is a health nut, and the other’s idea of working out is walking from the couch to the kitchen for snacks. Or one of you is all-in on aerobics, and the other is all about weights. The key to a perfect workout date is to find a workout you both enjoy.

And that workout doesn’t have to always be a trip to the gym. Try switching it up with some other fitness-forward activities, such as:

  • Doing weekly yoga or Pilates sessions
  • Taking a dance class
  • Enrolling in martial arts or kickboxing
  • Going on hikes in your local nature preserve
  • Jogging through your neighborhood 
  • Visiting the local rock-climbing wall

Choose Your Wardrobe Well

We don’t take quite as much care with our appearance when we work out as we would during a dinner date. But if you’re self-conscious about exercising with another person, let alone your S.O., taking the time to freshen up your workout look may help a little.

That doesn’t mean putting on a full face of makeup and earrings, but it could mean taking a little extra time to find workout clothes that fit well or are in a color you actually enjoy wearing.

Encourage Each Other

Even though working out is all about building strength, it’s also a vulnerable scenario to be in with someone else, which is why it can be a trust-building experience for you both. Make up your mind before showing up at the gym, class, or trail not to poke fun of each other.

Yes, it may be funny if your partner is wheezing after only running for approximately 37.5 seconds, but working out can bring out our insecurities in a way few things can. What you think is a harmless jab may break trust instead of building it.

Don’t Stress To Impress

Remember, at the end of the day, planning a workout date with your S.O. isn’t about proving your worth through the miles you run or the reps you complete. It’s about building trust as you build up your bodies. Do your best, have fun, and watch your trust and love grow as you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your workout and your relationship.

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