How to Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding with Lifestyle Expert Kimberly Fisher

Are you looking to plan a dream destination wedding? We spoke to lifestyle expert, writer and world traveler (she has been to 57 countries!) Kimberly Fisher, who planned her own dream destination wedding with the help of her local wedding planner in Lake Como, Italy.  

How do you get started planning a destination wedding?

After getting engaged, I think it’s best to start envisioning your big day. Where will it be? Who will be there, and how many people does that look like? Is it an island, or an Italian villa?  Then, the important part- plan a budget.  Once you decide on a destination, I would recommend a site visit and hiring a reputable wedding planner- they will help alleviate the stress of everything from planning, the actual run-of-show for the wedding day and local legalities.

How did you choose your destination?

The best way to choose your dream location is to start with destinations that you both love. Are you more city, beach, desert or mountains? Are you looking for an urban location or something a little more off the beaten path?  I love places that are chic with history, so Lake Como fit perfectly. The timing was also a huge factor- we wanted it to not be too hot, but be able to still go to warm destinations easily for the honeymoon.

What was the favorite part of your destination wedding? 

I have always loved travel and it has been such a big part of my life, so it only made sense that I had a destination wedding. We got married in an Italian Villa in Lake Como that is a museum- something beautiful and classic with such a romantic touch. We were immersed in Italian culture; from the food, wedding cake and wines.

What would you have done differently?

I would have blocked off more time to just relax in Lake Como. From the time we landed, we spent every moment doing wedding things. The next morning after the wedding we left for our honeymoon in Greece and The Maldives.

You write about luxury travel. Where are the best dream wedding destinations for 2020?

Italy and France have always been at the top of the list, and Morocco and Portugal have been gaining traction in the last few years. For boho chic, Tulum is perfect. For colorful island getaways, Jamaica, Bermuda and Turks & Caicos. 

Kimberly Fisher is a lifestyle expert and writer based in NYC. She has traveled to over 57 countries, and her work has been published in Food Wine Travel, Just Luxe, Pursuitist, Sherman’s Travel and USA Today.

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