How to Plan your Wedding during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Social distancing measures and complete lock-downs in some parts mean your beautiful wedding must change. Pandemic weddings are now a different scene altogether.

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Gone are the days where it was possible to gather all your loved ones in one area for the best day of your life. The Coronavirus has forced social gatherings to undergo drastic changes. Gatherings aren’t possible, and if you meet up, it’s only a handful of people.

So what does this mean for pandemic wedding ideas? Well, such weddings are different in many ways, which means you have to change your plans. Changes include the number of people attending and venue since it’s preferable for the wedding to be outside.

Besides, dates might change as social, distancing measures such as lock-downs come into effect. Cases of the Coronavirus are rising, which means stricter measures are needed. Keep this in mind as you plan for a pandemic wedding ceremony after meeting up on the best hookup sites 2021.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies for Pandemic Contracts

Uncertain times mean you might have to cancel your wedding or reschedule it for another day. If that’s the case, read more about the contracts you’re about to sign with wedding service providers. Minute details can affect you in huge ways.

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For instance, what cancellation policies do the caterers have? Are they considerate of the uncertain times or not? A service provider must provide you with crucial details on cancellation and rescheduling. Such information will guide you as you plan for a pandemic wedding.

Frankly, pandemic wedding planning is a nerve-wracking endeavor that leaves you feeling anxious. The best you can do is going for considerate service providers. One instance is whether you get the deposit back after cancelation or use it on another date. Here, some in-depth research is necessary.

Keep the Guest List Small

Areas without lock-down encourage people to keep social gatherings to the minimum. With that in mind, you can opt to have a small wedding and limit its duration. Include to the pandemic wedding checklist only the most important people to be present. An important point to note is they must all get a corona test and even the vaccine if possible.

Having such tough requirements ensures your wedding day is safe and can proceed. However, vulnerable people, for instance, the elder ones, or those with chronic illnesses, can watch at home. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to live stream the whole event and avoid putting their lives at risk.

At the same time, a smaller wedding guest list minimizes your cost. A pandemic wedding ceremony gives you a reason to keep the numbers small and the costs low without anyone batting an eye.

Get Wedding Insurance

Weddings cost a lot to set up, and it makes sense to insure against uncertain cases. Now insurance providers offer packages, and many pandemic wedding blogs advocate for such protection measures. The insurance helps you recover deposits in case vendors have unfriendly rescheduling or cancellation policies.

2020 was proof that no one knows the future. While the insurance can cover you against cancellations, it also covers damages. For instance, liability insurance ensures you have protection in case of damage at the venue. However, make sure you read the fine print before you accept the policy.

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Keep Guest Contacts Close

Be ready to communicate with the guests as much as possible, especially when canceling or rescheduling the wedding. Pandemic wedding tips require you to have a clear list of all the guests and their up-to-date contact information. Let them know every time there’s a chance of changes. You can even set up a system that sends out information to all.

Imagine a guest traveling to a wedding that’s rescheduled during a pandemic. That would be unfair. Therefore, reach everyone on your guest list as soon as there’s any change to the big day. They can even come in handy when you need a few wedding during pandemic ideas as you figure out the way forward.

Outdoor Weddings Only

Closed spaces increase the risk of spreading the Coronavirus during a pandemic wedding. Therefore, if you will have people present, go for an outdoor setting. Outdoor setups are not only stylish, but they help keep people safe.

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Honestly, it’s easier to keep everyone in attendance at a safe distance from each other. Also, there are fewer surfaces to touch. Touching surfaces are among the top reasons the virus keeps spreading globally.

Summing Up

When you plan a pandemic wedding, dealing with uncertainty includes changing venues, canceling, or rescheduling. Also, you need to plan but be flexible, get insurance, and have contacts of all your guests.

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