How to Prepare for the Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

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The beautiful Land Down Under. Why would you want to spend your luxurious honeymoon anywhere else? With such a rich and diverse culture, urban life, and breathtakingly mesmerising natural sceneries, Australia is home to a seemingly endless number of amazing honeymoon destinations that are bound to steal your heart and solidify your life-changing decision. And now you have to pick only one.

Now there’s a conundrum if there ever was one. Which of the most luxurious honeymoon escapades to pick? Along with the question of location, there is the underlying “problem” of packing for your honeymoon based on the local climate conditions, scenery, and available amenities. Here to answer these questions are the five most luxurious honeymoon getaways in Australia and how to prepare for them.

Bamurru Plains, Northern Territory

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Excluding the northern islands, Bamurru Plains is one of the northernmost points in Australia. Well, at least it’s the one you can have an amazing honeymoon in. Located about a three-hour drive, and a thirty-minute flight, east of Darwin, Bamurru Plains is a luxurious retreat situated on the edge of Mary River floodplains.

This is a private 300 km2 estate residing on the edge of the breathtaking Kakadu National Park. The unique location of the property allows for some amazing sightseeing opportunities, including diverse wildlife, with the entire region permeated by the never-ending sounds of nature. Needless to say, this is a varying climate region, so be sure to bring layers depending on the season.

El Questro Homestead, WA


A purely boutique luxury retreat catering to no more than 18 guests at a time, El Questro Homestead is a clifftop honeymoon destination for those looking to combine the pampered feeling of luxe accommodation with the serene vibe of breathtaking natural surroundings. This is the perfect place for couples to go on an exploration tour of WA’s Kimberley landscape.

The resort has plenty of outdoor activities on offer, complete with intimate tours and secluded locations for your enjoyment. So be sure to bring your hiking boots and outdoor gear, because you will also be traversing the expansive countryside on foot, should you choose to do so.

Pretty Beach House, NSW

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Located on the NSW’s Bouddi Peninsula, this breathtaking couple’s haven is situated high on the escarpment above Pretty Beach, in Bouddi National Park. The retreat offers a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities, with exploration tours of the surrounding beaches, as well as various nooks and crevices of the region ideal for a newlywed couple looking to enjoy their honeymoon away from the crowds.

Departing from Sydney by car, it shouldn’t take you more than 90 minutes to reach this luxurious destination. However, be sure to prepare for the road ahead and have your car checked by a trusted mobile mechanic in Sydney beforehand, in order to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Other than that, you’re all set to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon being pampered by the hospitable staff and world-renowned culinary experts.

Lizard Island, QLD

Photo by Josh Spires on Unsplash

Among other luxurious getaway destinations that are secluded far from the rest of the world, the northernmost honeymoon resort of the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island, is a place of intimacy, breathtaking natural vistas, and of course, a plentiful and diverse menu of outdoor activities. These include snorkelling, fishing, and diving, among others.

Each pavilion is separated for maximum privacy and intimacy, sitting on top of a ridge that overlooks the expansive ocean and provides truly mesmerising views. The retreat boasts a private wine cellar and offers beachside dining at sunset. You can also choose to have a private picnic organized at one of the numerous locations around the resort.

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, NSW


Travelling two hours west of Sydney by plane, you will find yourself in a secluded natural oasis known as Lord Howe’s Island, a cherished honeymoon destination boasting boutique accommodation overlooking the ocean as well as the adjacent mountains. Sophistication and intimacy are the keywords that define this pristine natural sanctuary, a place where you will be wined and dined to your heart’s content by the culinary delights prepared by some of the top chefs in the country.

In the breathtaking Land Down Under, there is no shortage of luxurious honeymoon destinations nestled in some of the most exquisite natural sceneries the outback has to offer. If you want to book your date, be sure to do it well in advance, as their luxe status means that these destinations are fully-booked a season or two ahead.

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