How To Put Together A Viking Themed Wedding

viking wedding

A moody Viking wedding presents a powerful day. Think dark browns and reds combined with soothing greys and warm golds. Bold flowers like dark peonies, big garden roses and hydrangeas all fit together to really set the mood. To add more texture, add rough textured plants and blooms like silver sea holly. Then, add a few different braided details in hair and jewellery, along with attitude faux furs, a savoury cheese tower and plenty of party tunes.

This is just one idea for a Viking inspired wedding. If you’re getting ready to pop the question, remember that offers custom engagement rings NZ women prefer. Once the proposal’s out the way, here are a few more Viking wedding ideas for inspiration.

Luxurious, Rich Florals

Rich, luxurious shades of spectacular floral arrangements can really set the tone for a Viking day. Add to that a wedding dress full of edgy details and a castle backdrop and you’re sure to create the most memorable day ever. Speaking of castles, if your budget allows, try to pick something Gothic for an authentic theme. Take photos early in the morning or at dusk to get thick mist and heavy, moody settings!

For the Warrior Princesses

When it comes to both the bride and her entourage, you’ve got to put a little thought into hair and makeup. For a Viking theme, consider modern versions of traditional Viking-type styles. This means braided, accessorised hairstyles and heavy, smoky eyes. It’s these types of details that will bring unique looks to the day and when everyone’s gathering together, you’re sure to create a true warrior princess look.

Don’t Forget Reception Details

Of course, you want your reception to reflect your love for all things Viking. So, think aubergines, peach florals, rich damsons and plums. Use these colours in elements like table clothes, chair covers and even the cake. Don’t forget to add elements to your wedding stationary, too. Then, consider dark, brass or blue-grey crockery to really add to your table feast, complete with gorgeous lighting.

viking wedding

The Wild, Romantic Vikings

A Viking wedding just seems to call for romance and beauty, doesn’t it? You are only really limited by your imagination. You can go as wild and untamed as you like. Go romantic, be adventurous, and plan the Viking wedding of your dreams.

Don’t forget to look into those Nordic traditions, too. That’s where bold blues, greens and silvers come in to create the perfect atmosphere. Don’t forget about era-inspired weapons, cave-dotted landscapes, custom-made gowns and gorgeous geode cakes, too.

Think About a Sword Exchange

A Viking inspired wedding can also lend itself somewhat towards pagan traditions, and put together, it’s a sure-fire way to create an incredible ceremony and reception. In a particularly bold move, you could exchange swords rather than rings. Don’t forget to add natural wheat and log décor, rustic lawn games and baby’s breath-covered cake!

These are just some ideas for a Viking wedding. It’s really up to what you and your spouse-to-be enjoy. Customise your entire day and you and your guests are sure to remember it for a long, long time to come!

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