How to Recognize Genuine Emerald Stone?

green gemstone, genuine emerald

When seeking the genuine emerald stone, also known as the Panna stone, it’s essential to consider several aspects. These precious gemstones are obtained from beryl aluminum silicate. They boast striking green hues and fair hardness, making them a favored choice for jewelry. The emerald stone price fluctuates in tandem with their quality. Recognizing the quality of these gemstones is important for gaining maximum astrological benefits.

Selecting the original emerald gemstone involves a detailed process. These green gemstones are a part of the beryl mineral family. To buy emerald online, one must know the stone’s color, origin, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Additionally, the price of Panna stone in India varies considerably based on these criteria.

The History and Significance of Panna Stone

The historical and symbolic significance of the Panna stone can be traced back millennia.

These gemstones have been known for their enchanting green hues and mystical attributes. They have held roles linked to fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings.

It was believed they possessed curative properties, guarding against cholera and malaria. Ancient folklore even suggested that placing emeralds in one’s mouth compelled honesty.

Throughout history, emerald-green stones have graced royal crowns and adornments, symbolizing luxury, authority, and prestige. In the modern era, the Panna gemstone is a treasured jewelry piece, also serving as the May Birthstone, symbolizing love, rebirth, and fortune.

How to Select Best Quality Emerald Stones?

If you intend to buy a Panna stone online, the following criteria should guide your selection:

Opt for the Right Color

The worth of colored gemstones is intrinsically linked to their color. Typically, emerald color is evaluated based on three key factors: hue, tone, and saturation. Pure green emerald exhibit a vivid green hue with medium tone and impressive color saturation. Original Panna stone price is higher for those displaying bright green color and are recommended for astrological purposes.

Favor Stones with Few or No Inclusions

According to GIA standards, emerald gemstones fall under the category of type 3 inclusions, indicating that these gems commonly contain inclusions. These inclusions encompass tiny liquid droplets, mineral fibers, fissures, or fractures.

While some treatment processes enhance clarity and color, truly eye-clean emeralds are a rarity. The emerald stone price in India varies depending on the presence of inclusions. Natural Emerald Stone cost is higher if it exhibits rich green color, medium tone, high saturation, and exceptional clarity.

Prioritize a Perfect Cut

The cut of an emerald, such as the emerald cut, significantly influences its quality. A precise cut enhances its brilliance and color, ensuring it radiates with exceptional beauty. The emerald cut, particularly, is esteemed for maximizing clarity and color.

Opt for Certified Emerald Stones

Certification is vital when considering Panna stones. It confirms the gem’s authenticity, verifying its natural origin, quality, and treatment status. A certified Panna stone carries an authentic price, guaranteeing its genuine nature and providing peace of mind.

In conclusion, the quest for an authentic emerald stone necessitates meticulously evaluating four crucial factors: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Prioritize the pursuit of a vivid green hue with minimal inclusions and an impeccably proportioned, symmetrical cut to magnify its brilliance.

Various factors influence the price of Panna stone, and it is important to go for certified gemstones only. By carefully scrutinizing these facets, you can confidently choose a genuine emerald gem that captivates with its beauty and maintains its value over time.

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