How to Save Money on Flowers for Your NYC Wedding?

NYC Wedding

Weddings and flowers go together. In fact, it is impossible to imagine a wedding without floral decoration. You want your wedding to be perfect in every possible way, and decoration of the venue with flowers helps in creating a majestic setting for your wedding. An experienced NYC florist  can turn your dreams into reality with his skills and knowledge about flowers. If you find the service charges of wedding florists in NYC too high, here are some ways to save money on flowers on your wedding.

Talk to the florist about your budget

Hold a frank and honest discussion about your taste and budget with the wedding florist NYC you have chosen for your wedding. You can give the florist suggestions about the color palette and the style of decoration but do not forget to make clear the budget you have in mind for the floral decoration of the venue.

Choose flowers that are seasonal and local

One mistake committed by many brides is to insist upon exotic flowers that are not easily available in the local market. They also demand flowers that are not available locally according to the season. The choice of flowers can increase the budget of decoration by leaps and bounds. You must stick to local and seasonal flowers only.

Do not reject flowers straightaway

NYC florist has a lot of experience in decorating wedding events. They are also aware of lots of flowers that you may not have even seen or heard of. There are many brides who say no to roses and carnations simply because they think they are too common. They also show dislike for certain flowers without knowing how gorgeous their arrangement at the wedding venue can look. You can upset the calculations of the florist by rejecting some flowers outright. It can also increase the budget of floral decoration. You should listen to his suggestions and see examples of decorations through photos and videos.

If possible, stick to a combination of two flowers

One good way to cut down the cost of floral decoration of your wedding venue is to stick to just two flowers. This helps your florist to order them in bulk to get addition al discount. Arrangement made with two types of flowers also looks coherent and mesmerizing rather than using too many types of flowers. Labor cost also goes down significantly when only two types of flowers are used.

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