How To Select An Engagement Ring

engagement ring, diamond cuts

An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment; you have to be knowledgeable so that you are confident in your decision.

Selecting an engagement ring can be overwhelming; therefore, it is good to educate yourself on a few key aspects that will help you purchase the perfect engagement ring. Below are a few of the elements such as diamond cuts that will guide you in making the right decision.

Determine The Size Of Your Ring

The ring is supposed to slide on the finger easily but has a slight resistance to prevent falling off when worn.

It is good to shop with your partner to know the correct ring size, but if the proposal is a surprise, either get help from your partner’s family or friends or measure it while they sleep.

Select The Setting Style Of The Ring

A ring setting is the appearance of the center diamond. The design used to mount it gives a ring its personality.

It is good to pick a diamond and have it mounted in a simple solitaire setting for those who have no idea about the ring style either you or your partner is hoping for.

Pick A Precious Metal For Your Ring.

Rings are made of different meals in different colors. The type of metal adds to the design’s personality and enhances the look of the gem being supported.

Different types of metals include platinum, 18k gold, and 14k gold.


It is 30 times rarer than gold since it is the most robust metal for jewelry. It doesn’t cause allergic reaction making it more expensive

18k Gold

Pure 24k gold is too soft for jewelry, so 18k is a better option. It is rich in color and naturally yellow.

14k Gold

It is the most durable but moderate in color and price. It is also considered the most wearable since it is more robust than 18k gold.

Choose The Right Diamond For Your Ring.

In searching for the right diamond for your engagement ring, it is crucial to consider the four C’s. They include color, cut, carat weight, and clarity.


The colors range from colorless to light yellow, but the colorless colors are the rarest, except for some natural fancy colors.


The diamond cuts are not associated with their shape, for example, oval, hearts, or round. It is the amount of sparkle and brilliance associated with its finish and shape.

Carat Weight

The standard unit of weight for diamonds is the metric carat which equals 0.20 grams. One carat is divided into one hundred points, and therefore fifty points are equivalent to 0.50 carat.


The clarity grade represents how free it is from external blemishes and tiny natural inclusions.


All these factors that include the style of setting, the size of the ring, diamond cuts, the four C’s of diamonds, and the metal used, are essential factors you should consider when buying an engagement ring.

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