How to Style Feathered Hair?

In the Era of 1970, feathered hair was a popular yet glamorous look every woman used to prefer. And now also in the advanced modern era of 2021, it is still being demanded, adapted, and loved by all.

Aiming to look beautiful by face and appearance, many people ignore the significance of hair. A bad hairstyle will reflect the negative side whereas modern hairstyles will show the confidence you carry within. Taking care of your hair is as essential as you take care of each body part. 

For all the ladies with long straight hair, feathered hair is the best suitable haircut to go for.

Learn more about feathered hair by reading the below points.

What is feathered hair?

Feathered hair is designed to add quality and texture to simple flat hair.

Not only trending in ladies but is popular amongst men also.

Bird’s feather-like texture is what you can understand by the term feathered hair. 

Giving more volume and layers to enhance your look was the reason why feathered hair was adapted by many celebrities naming Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez. Its easy to create this look with curly hair extensions

Why a good haircut like a feather is important?

Develops Personality:

Every human being is now diverting to the 70s look. As “Old is gold” is now ruling the world. Feathered hairstyles are now becoming popular day by day which helps in enhancing the personality, confidence, and beauty of an individual. With one side or center partition, one can easily set their feathered hair. Feathered hair gives confidence to one’s personality that makes you look different from others.

Everything on this globe comes with variations that give options for people to choose from. If we talk about feather hair, there are various haircuts available according to hair lengths, like a feathered haircut for short hair, feathered haircut for medium hair, and feathered haircut for long hair.

Feather cuts for long hair:

  • Balayage feathered haircut
  • Straight fine feathers
  • Layers with feather edges
  • Feather cut with bangs

It is essential to maintain your hair along with your health. And to take care of long hair is a big task. Every other teenager dreams to have long beautiful hair but maintaining the length along with its heath is also important.

Feather cuts for medium hair:

  • Textured Bob for Straight Hair
  • Glamorous Medium Brunette Hairstyle
  • Medium Layered Bob
  • Messy layers

Medium feathered hair is easy and comfortable to keep. With a good feather cut, one can look lovely and is very convenient to take care of. Nowadays job-occupied women prefer to keep medium hair as it’s easy to maintain.

Feather cuts for short hair:

  • Classic Short Pixie Feathered Cut
  • Imperfectly Perfect Feathered Cut
  • Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut
  • Feathered Bang Crop Cut

A short feathered haircut is preferable for play-going children and also for elderly women. Easy to carry and easy to maintain are the features of a short feathered haircut. 

If you are confused and unable to make out the difference between feathered and layered hair, then let me clear all your doubts. Read the points given below and get to know about them.

What is the difference between feathered and layered hair?

In simple words, feathering is a styling way to give shape and texture effect to the ends of each hairstreak whereas layering is giving layers throughout your hair that volumize the hair and give a bouncy look. 

The feather haircut is in a fashion that matches all face cuts and is suitable for all hair types.

Now hopefully all of your doubts must be sorted.

 Personal Advice :

“CHANGE  IN LIFE IS A MUST”,  so take a chance and go for a different look and try feathered hair this time. You will be happy experiencing a good look. Also for teens who are struggling with thin hair, feathered hair is the best suitable hairstyle for you that will bring volumes to your hair and a smile to your face.

A new look will shower an abundance of compliments to you.

P. S Don’t forget to ask and consult the hairstylist that what suits you best!


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