How to style your wedding with mason jars

Looking for a creative way to style your wedding? Use the mason jar as wedding décor! You can do a lot with mason jars and it looks very stylish! The Salty Supply Company offers Eco-friendly disposables, reusable mason jars and elegant party ware, for weddings, events or everyday use. We give you some examples how to in cooperate them.

Photos & text in a jar

A very personal way to use the jam jars is to put in photos or use a quote from your wedding day. For example, use old wedding photos from your parents and grandparents or from your engagement shoot. For a beach wedding you can add sea shells.

Signature drink

mason jars

Mason jars are not only nice for decoration; you can also really use them. Serve your signature drink in a jar, a delicious cocktail or summer lemonade!

A mason jar with flowers!

Flowers are very bright and cannot be missed at your wedding! Mason jars are easy to use as a centerpiece. Place a few next to each other or spread on the table and fill them with flowers, candles or even food! Choose different flowers in the colors of your wedding, fill the jar with water and put the flowers in it. So easy!

Hang jars around the chairs

mason jars

No dull and gray town hall for you? Decorate “the aisle” by hanging jars on the chairs. You can put flowers in it, but also little lights if you get married in the evening! It is also a nice idea to brighten up the dinner table.

Snacks for reception or party

In addition to drinks, you can of course also serve tasty snacks. Cupcakes, ice cream, salad, salsa dip, yogurt or candy to keep the kids satisfied during your wedding.

Hanging decoration

If your wedding takes place outside, hang pots in the trees. By putting candles in it gives a very romantic atmosphere in the evening! For the daytime it is also cool to fill half of it with water and then float a flower. You can hang them easily by tying rope around them, but make sure that it is properly secured!

Making candles for your wedding

Candles give a lot of atmosphere in a jar. If you do this, make sure that it cannot fall over and reinforce the candle with some sand. Another nice idea is to make a candle yourself! You can also give the candles a wonderful scent by adding some fragrance, mmm!

Wedding favors in jars

Give your guests a personal and homemade thank you gift at the end of the evening. You can think of everything with mason jars, but what about just homemade jam? Tasty!

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