How to Take Wedding Photos

wedding photos

Usually, for weddings, the best thing to do if you’re not a professional wedding photographer is to hire one. But situations such as low budgets, or building up your photography by practical means as a second shooter, might require you to cover a wedding. In such cases, this guide will help you take great shots without too much hassle.

#1 Do your homework

While preparing your wedding photoshoot, especially if it’s your first time, visit professional photographers’ websites or check out photography education sites like Cole’s Classroom. It helps to gain as much theoretical knowledge as possible beforehand. If you’re well prepared in this aspect, you’ll be more confident, and it’ll rub off on your subjects.

#2 Visit the location in advance

To you take practice shots as well as gain a feel for this place you’ll be shooting. You can learn a great deal about the best angles and spots to shoot from. If you’re shooting outside, you’ll know where you can get the best shots from, where direct harsh sunlight won’t interfere with. Take as many practice shots as possible with several camera settings and modes.

#3 Take pictures of the couple in advance

You’ll be more relaxed and have more great options to choose from. Weddings can become pretty hectic and if you’re not a professional wedding photographer in Edinburgh, you might not know how to handle the pressure. So go with the couple and a few other important people beforehand to shoot them, so that if you run into any problems on the wedding day, you’ll have a backup.

#4 Ask the couples what they’d like

Ask them to give you sample photos of what they’d like. Once you reproduce what they have in mind, you’re one step nearer to satisfying them.

#5 Request a list of must-have photos beforehand

You’ll be taking a lot of wedding photos, so a pre-drafted list helps to avoid leaving out an important set of people to be photographed.

#6 Take lots of photos

From different angles. Your chances of taking great shots as an amateur wedding photographer are low, so you have to take a lot. Some photos will likely be better than others and you can delete the bad ones.

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