How to Throw a Rustic Wedding on a Budget

rustic wedding

Getting married is a magical adventure no matter what your age. From the enchanting proposal to the planning and the big day itself, every moment is extraordinary. When organizing your wedding, it is important to make it suitable for you two as a couple. Through your wedding, you can express who you are, through small (or big) details, that showcase your style.

Each stage of the planning process, from the initial setting the date, to organizing the photographer, catering, band etc. can seem stressful and expensive. With the way that wedding trends go, when you are looking at inspiration ideas for your chosen theme, if it is a popular style, companies will raise the prices for products and services. Over the years trends have changed, from the popular traditional styles of yesteryear to the more modern nature-inspired themes. Currently, a popular theme is rustic. From ‘naked’ cakes to jam jars and fairy lights, each aspect of a rustic wedding can be pricey due to this popularity, and the unique charm you are both trying to achieve. It does, however, not necessarily have to be this way.

When saving for a wedding in the modern day, it’s clear that it may take a while to get to your ideal budget. At the end of the day, however, it’s important to remember that it is your day and noone elses. Therefore, you don’t need to spend the world for it to be unforgettable. To make it seem less daunting (and altogether less stressful), here is a list of ways you can make it a little bit more affordable:

Choosing your venue

When choosing your venue, it’s clear that a lot of places ramp up their prices for weddings. Even if it is a specifically designated venue, the cost sometimes vastly outweighs the value of what you are getting. When you are on the hunt for the perfect setting for your rustic wedding, it’s clear that barns are often the primary option. Yes, they are beautiful and can be enchanting for your theme, but they are not the only option out there.

If you live near a picturesque woodland or even a meadow, this could be ideal for your rustic wedding. Yes, this is dependent on the weather and if you can hire it (if it is privately owned). But having an outdoor wedding ceremony is a wonderful way of saving some money. It may mean that you will have to spend out a little on the reception venue, but will save on the cost of where you say “I do”.

rustic wedding

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

Why not create your own centrepieces and decorations?

Nowadays, people are getting more and more crafty when it comes to designing their own furniture and decorations. So why not replicate this for your special day? Centrepieces and decorations can be expensive, so why don’t you create your own using simple supplies and tools? From quirky jam jars to cork boards and place settings, each element can be made without costing you the world.

What about your bouquet?

Another big cost is your wedding flowers and bouquets. Similarly to venues, florists tend to ramp up the prices of them when they know it is for a wedding. So to keep to your budget, why don’t you create this wedding essential yourself? By purchasing flowers individually and creating your bouquets, perhaps by tying them together with common elements, such as bows or string, it gives them a natural element which ties back to your theme (literally!), whilst not costing you hundreds of dollars (or whatever your currency). Alternatively, if you do not have the time or do not want this added stress, maybe ask your florist to use seasonal flowers or if you can use the arrangements multiple times on the day.

Overall, It’s important to budget out your special day. Getting married will always seem like a massive expense, no matter what stage of life you are in. When you want a magical rustic wedding, it’s key to realize that you don’t have to spend all of your money to achieve something beautiful. By using your artistic skills and imagination, you can create something that is out of this world and perfect for you.

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