How to trace your packages fast

Package carriers see the number of package shipments increase enormously each year. That is not surprising, because the total online B2C sales are expected to rise to 27 billion euros in 2020! But with these huge numbers, things can sometimes go wrong when sending packages that’s why company’s like exist. We will further discuss how you can prevent damage or loss. And what to do with damaged or lost packages during the shipment.

Package delayed or untraceable

You don’t assume it, but packages may be delayed or not traceable during the shipping process. If this is the case, you can start an investigation. You can do this by contacting the transport service.

This requires the same information as for missing packages. Carriers will give a definitive answer or an update about the investigation within an average of 5 working days. This does not always work, so your patience will be put to the test! Therefore, it’s recommended to use to get a real-time update of your package.

Important to know is that if your packages are not insured, you are responsible for shipping your products until the customer has received them. If products are missing or damaged, you therefore always owe your customer a new shipment that you must reimburse yourself.

Choose the right service to deliver your packages

In summary, we can say that it is simply not a fun experience if something happens to your package during the shipping process. However, things can be solved when you insure your packages and pack them well. We, therefore, recommend that you insure your packages when you send relatively expensive products. In addition, use a service like to send your packages.

So be prepared for the steps to be taken in the event of a damaged or missing package. Always involve the customer in the solution, so that you create an understanding of the situation. And make sure you choose a reputable company like for your delivery.

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