Interesting Ways To Use a Golf Cart in Your Wedding

golf cart

When planning a wedding, many people don’t think of using golf carts to get around. If you want to include small cars in your big day, here are some ideas.

It’s your wedding day, and you can design it the way you want. Not only that, but you should choose elements that make your day unique and add more memorable moments with friends and family than traditional elements. If you’re looking for something distinctive, consider a golf cart. Here’s a list of interesting ways to use a golf cart at your wedding.


If you’re looking for something fun to decorate and pull up to the ceremony in, then decorating a golf car and driving in it in the ceremony is certain to bring on the best photos and memories. You can decorate the vehicle with many different things. For example, decorate the sides of your vehicle with balloons and ribbons or dangle flower garland along the top and a “Just Married” banner on the back.

You could also make decorating the vehicle into a fun competition for everyone in the bridal party; have each group decorate their carts, then ask the guests to cast their votes for the best trolley. Later, you can give the winning designers a gift card to a restaurant or fun goody bags filled with delicious treats and beverages as a prize.

Photo Props

You can create a standard photo booth at your wedding, but they’re often too big and require an assortment of props that the photographer needs to lug around. You want something smaller that you can use throughout the reception for fun photo montages and group pictures. Using a small vehicle makes every photo look amazing, and it comes with the added advantage of driving to private areas for sunset pictures.

golf cart

Getaway Car

The most famous getaway car is the convertible, with stringed cans beating against the ground as onlookers throw rice into the air. The car drives off into the sunset and never looks back. Luckily, you can repeat that feeling on a smaller scale with a golf cart.

Using a smaller portable vehicle can save you money when it comes to decorating the entire car. Having a smaller electric car can give you plenty of creative freedom to think outside the box for every part of your wedding’s décor.

Better Transportation Method

The best thing about utilizing small vehicles during the week or weekend of the wedding is that they are better to drive. Depending on where your wedding is, you may need to make the golf cart street legal in order to get to the venue safely. Luckily, there are several modifications that help make golf cars are street legal.

It’s your special day, so utilize these interesting ways to use a golf cart in your wedding in any way you see fit. You never know what vehicle you’ll need to get around your venue. Start thinking about how far your ceremony and reception venues are from one another and consider whether a golf cart could be a helpful addition to your big day.

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