Interview with the founder of EverythingDecorated personalized wedding keepsakes

wedding keepsakes

We are excited to share our interview with Everything Decorated. The place for personalized gifts, bridesmaid gifts and wedding keepsakes. If you want to surprise the bride and groom with a wedding keepsake or find personalized bridesmaid gifts, Everything Decorated got you covered. From wine glasses, makeup bags, wood picture frames and jar mugs you can personalize every item according to your wishes. One of our favorite gifts for brides or bridesmaids are the gold glitter skinny tumblers and the decorated wine glasses. Read more about Everything Decorated in the interview.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?
I randomly started hand painting wine glasses for the 4th of July for my house. I thought they were so cute so I put them on eBay and they quickly sold. I continued to make different hand painted wine glasses in my free time while my husband traveled (played for the NFL) and this is when I decided to start my business. From there I continued to evolved which ultimately led me to engraving. Since my husband has retired from the NFL him and I now work full time for our company EverythingDecorated.

wedding keepsakes
                                                                             Cheers to the wedding party!

What does your work entail?
All of our items we offer for sale are custom – we engrave a lot of our products, and offer them for sale as wedding favors – also can be purchased as holiday/special occasion gifts.

What is your greatest achievement so far
My greatest achievement really is my sales volume – we went from this small little custom shop selling around $20,000 a year to now having over 100,000 sales, generating income of more than a million dollars every year.

Where can our readers find you online?
Readers can find my husband and I on facebook (, twitter (@everythingdeco) and instagram (everything_decorated). Also our website,

Any advice for someone considering to have a wedding business?
Continue to evolve – what works right now may not work in the future – if you want your company to grow/maintain, you have to keep coming up with new ideas and offer products nobody else does.

wedding keepsakes
Great wedding keepsakes by Everything Decorated

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