Interview with Annie Wang, founder of Fleurissimo NYC

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My favorite flower is the Blue Vanda orchard, I like the texture of this flower. The simple design highlights its unique beauty.

No wedding without flowers. We see large flower arrangements as decoration, a beautiful bouquet on the wedding car, they shine as decoration on the dinner tables and let’s not forget the bridal bouquet. Think of the flower petals that are sprinkled by the bridal children, flowers in the hair of the bride or a small bouquet for the bridesmaid.

Flowers immediately brighten up a room, and gives a romantic atmosphere. You can go in any direction when it comes to flowers and choosing the ‘right flowers’ is very personal. Your theme color can also be a determining factor. Whatever flowers you choose, it’s best to get advice on this from a floral design expert. We had the honor to interview Annie Wang a well known floral designer based in NYC. Read the interview to find out more!

Tell us about yourself and what you do 

I’m Annie Wang, the founder and lead floral designer at Fleurissimo NYC. I’m excited to help you celebrate life’s special moments with floral designs that blend emotion and artistry. 

I grew up in China and spent over ten years building my career as one of Shanghai’s top wedding and event designers. My elegant sense of style and detail-oriented work ethic made me a stand-out student and service partner. Then I committed to elevating my skills and traveling to study with the world’s top artists.

By participating in international workshops, design courses, and competitions, I learned how to infuse Chinese tradition with European craftmanship. It has been an honor to cut stems, smooth petals, and design masterpieces alongside world-renowned creatives.

The name Fleurissimo combines the French word for flowers with a spark of fabulousness in Italian, and it’s a charming reminder that centers our focus. Every day, I’m committed to exceeding expectations and delivering the highest quality designs for my clients.

At Fleurissimo NYC, we pair stunning creations with caring service by putting your needs first. Enjoy a more streamlined experience. I have 15+ years of high-end retail and design experience, so I know exactly how to help you create more beautiful memories.

floral design, floral desginer

Are there any floral design wedding trends that you noticed? 

The perfect bridal backdrop is unique and hanging florals will be popular in the future.

What is your favorite flower and why? 

My favorite flower is the Blue Vanda orchard, I like the texture of this flower. The simple design highlights its unique beauty.

What inspires you the most? 

First of all, familiarity with flower materials is the real source of inspiration. Watch exhibitions, look at window displays, participate in various flower art competitions, and learn from your favorite florist.

Most memorable event? 

The most unforgettable moment is always the moment when the bride shed tears of joy after opening the reception room. Although I have seen such scenes many times, I still shed tears. It is the proudest motivation in this line of work.

floral design, floral designer

Founder & Creative Director

Fleurissimo NYC

Pinterest: Fleurissimo NYC

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High-Caliber and Fully Certified

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

Las Vegas Professional Floral Design Summit (PFDE)

Miami Professional Floral Design Accreditation Program

World Flower Council (WFC)

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