Interview with bridal designer Maila Lunardi

bridal designer

I design every dress myself, both wedding and evening gowns, taking inspiration from everyday life, from dreams, from the beauty of the world; sometimes I make sketches in the night.

Bridesonamission magazine had the privilege to interview bridal designer Maila Lunnardi. Her couture collection made in Italy attracts a clientele all over the world. Known for her personal attention, rich fabrics and detailed designs that will make any bride feel like a princes! Read the interview to find out more about her.

Tell us about yourself and your bridal couture collection
I am Maila Lunardi, I grew up in my grandfather hobbyist tailor room, and since i was 4 years I cut out his fabrics to do Barbie’s wedding dresses and evening dress with pins. When I was 12 years old in 1997 I graduated at Sarteco Fashion School (Florence- Italy), then i studied languages and graduated in Law as Legal Expert in Branding. I attended many workshops in Bridal Design and Wedding Planning, and in 2012 I started my company that deals with Bridal and Evening Gowns Design and Wedding planning.

Now I Am Maila Lunardi Couture, I am 32 years old, and since 6 years I am a Bridal Designer. My goal is to create the perfect wedding dress designed with exclusivity for each Bride, based on her style, body-shape, for a Bride who wants to be unique, with an exclusive dress, created just and only for her, custom and tailor made, hand decorated and made in Italy.

My couture collection is a tribute to the woman beauty, for a feminine, romantic, glamorous  look. My purpose is to celebrate every Bride, enhance the beauty of every woman, for a timeless style, that is forever. Emotions are my goal.

bridal designer

Any tips for brides to be how to choose the perfect wedding dress?
My best tip for the bride to be is to choose the dress that let her feel beautiful, unique but also that represents her personality and own style, in order to be just herself: choose a dress that make you cry and laugh today, don’t focus only on the latest trends but on emotions. The purpose is that she can feel the same emotion when after 20 years, she will look again at the wedding photos.

What achievements are you most proud of
I am proud of making brides happy, I am proud when I receive their email and messages with photos of their wedding day, and they write me “thank you Maila”: it fills my heart of joy and gratitude. I am proud to work in a “old style” artisan method, but with modernity, and relate with customers from abroad, who ask me tips, by face-time calls too. Italian style makes me proud: buyers appreciate my collections from abroad and this gave me joy and continuous inspiration from 360 degrees.

bridal designer

Can you tell us something about the design process?
About the design process for exclusives Brides, I deal with the bride, I listen to her dreams, to her needs, requirements, we talk together, we make fittings and then I sketch the dress, together with the Bride until it is perfect in every details, than it is made by measure, hand decorated and maniacally checked.

About my Collection, I design every dress myself, both wedding and evening gowns, taking inspiration from everyday life, from dreams, from the beauty of the world; sometimes I make sketches in the night or in strange moment. Then we make patterns, sew and fit the dress and correct and correct and correct, until dress is exactly what I had in my mind. I love big volumes, blush shade colours, glimmering and sparkling, but I also love simplicity, with a feminine, attractive detail. Brides have to remembered. I share sketches with family, dearest friends, colleagues: I think wedding dress are art and art have to be share, if not, it is only fabric.

Where can we find your collection online?
My collection is always evolving, you can find the latest updated creations on Instagram at mailalunardicouture or visit my website , that will be completely renewed in a short time, improving section, updates and photos.

bridal designer


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