Interview with destination wedding photographer Aga

destination wedding photographer

If you want your dream day to be captured by an excellent wedding photographer we highly recommend Aga.

We had the privilege to interview Aga a destination wedding photographer from the UK who recently did a wedding shoot in Chateau de Carsix in France. She can travel all over the world to photograph your wedding and make sure your day is unforgettable. She’s known for her hard-working attitude and makes sure your wishes will be heard to capture your dream day the best way possible. Read the interview to find out more about her.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?
Inside I always dreamed of being a photographer and weddings are definitely my favourites genre as they are a constant reminder that love is all that matters in our lives. Being a stay at home mum a few years ago has given me the time and opportunity to explore this a little more and learn photography which I totally fell in love with and there is nothing else in the world I want to do at the moment. I was watching my kids grow and time passing inevitably and even though that we live in a digital era and photos aren’t appreciated as much as in analog times I still think this is the only way to freeze our memories, except obviously of “freezing” them in our hearts.

What does your work entail?
My work is everything and I do everything solo. Shooting, traveling, taxes, marketing, blogging, shooting and editing and absolutely all aspects of running a business.

What is your greatest achievement so far
I don’t believe in awards system in the photography industry, I achieve a job fulfillment after every great customer feedback and this is what makes me tick.

Where can our readers find you online?
 I am on and Instagram: @agahosking and Facebook: Aga Hosking Photography

Any advice for someone considering to have a wedding business
Only advice given to any starters is that you need a lot of patience and persistence. Success is never built over night no matter what people say. Trust your own instincts and believe in yourself. Know your self-worth and do things with love. Love your clients and don’t let bad times bring you down and give up. Smile and make friends in the industry – they will be an anchor in winter months when you are buried in piles of editing.

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    Amazing interview with my good friend Aga. Love to see her growing and showing more work to a wider audience!

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