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Crystal Bouquets

Bespoke bouquets gives you the opportunity to have something that is truly unique to you, it can be made to your colour scheme and theme of the wedding, any design you may have in your mind.

Tell us about yourself and your bespoke crystal bouquets
My Passion for creating Elegant Crystal Bouquets started when my sister was due to get married. She was very sentimental and appreciated unique items so I wanted to make her a bouquet that was bespoke, unique and something that reflected her personality. That’s when Elegant Crystal Bouquet was born. I strive to create beautiful bespoke heirloom bouquets at an affordable price using quality products.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than being able to capture the most important day of a brides life in a bouquet.  For me there is nothing more important than creating a show stopping design that reflect the style and personality of the bride. I work hard to ensure that each piece is tailored to the bride to be thus providing a product which is unique, outstanding quality with timeless elegance. I am very passionate about my work and attention to detail is very important to me. To know that the bouquet I design and make is going to be part of a special day in a persons life is a privilege and an honor, which has to be perfect to the last detail.

Any tips for brides to be how to choose the perfect bouquets?
My advice to any bride is to choose something which reflects their personality, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Bespoke bouquets gives you the opportunity to have something that is truly unique to you, it can be made to your colour scheme and theme of the wedding, any design you may have in your mind.  Don’t be afraid to ask or feel that you cant change your mind.  You can change your mind hundred times over as long as you do it within a certain time before the bouquet is made otherwise it becomes costly and time consuming.

What achievements are you most proud of
I recently made a bouquet for one of my customers and her feedback brought a tear to my eye. She told me that I had made her dreams come true, for me, that was the biggest achievement. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to know that something I created with a lot of love and passion has brought a smile to ones face and has become a part of a special memory.

Can you tell us something about the design process?
I have tried to create a variety of designs to reflect and cater for different styles and budgets, but ultimately as they are bespoke and handcrafted the choices are elegantly endless.

Brides are asked to view the bouquets that are on the website, they are also free to chop and change anything they like or don’t like. Choose the shape, design, size and colour of the bouquet to their requirements.  They will be given a week to think about what they have chosen and given the opportunity to change their mind if they wished, after which time the jewellery to make the bouquet will be sourced and purchased. Brides are required to place the order 8 weeks in advance as it takes time to source the brooches and jewellery, and the final product will be delivered to the bride on the 8th week. A deposit of 30% is payable on order which is non refundable after 24 hours and a final payment is made when the bouquet it completed.

Where can we find your bouquets online?
My bouquets can be found on the following sites:

Web page:
Facebook| Instagram


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    Oh my God, I love these! I need to check out their Instagram to get some more inspiration! <3


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    Ramshaa Rose

    Hey hun! Wish you a lovely year ahead!! I love this interview, the bouquets are insane! I am in-love with them. They are super beautiful and the best thing is that it’ll make a great memory to keep.
    lots of love,
    Ramshaa Rose

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