Interview with Forest of Wildflowers, bridal hairpieces

bridal hairpieces

It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing someone wants to wear something you created on one of the most important days of their life.

Recently we did an interview with the founder of Forest of Wildflowers she has an amazing collection of bridal hairpieces in her online store. A great accessory to make your wedding look complete. If you can imagine how amazing it is to wear one of her  unique hairpieces on your wedding you might want to check out her store!

How did you come up with the idea for your bridal hairpieces?
When I was planning my wedding I knew exactly what hairpiece I wanted, unfortunately it existed in my mind and I could not find anything like it. I ended up purchasing a stunning piece that was way out of my budget. Months later, my Pinterest feed was still full of wedding DIY articles and I came across a beaded hairpiece tutorial. I said the cursed words we have all said at one point or another “That doesn’t look so hard, I could do that”.

I fell in love with beading immediately I knew that I wanted to sell my pieces to brides like myself, who are searching for something delicate and affordable. After 3 months of refining my designs and style I opened an Etsy store.

bridal hairpieces

What does your work entail?
Most times I have a very clear vision of what I want to create and it becomes a case of finding a very specific bead or working out how to put it all together to achieve the vision. I start with the smallest beads and create the intricate details of the piece first. These small details are what make my pieces so delicate and feminine in style. Once the product has been created it needs to be photographed, uploaded and promoted via social media. Running the store is equal parts being creative and being business minded.

What is your greatest achievement so far
So far the most exciting achievement has been my favourite piece (The Lily Hairvine) being featured on a prominent Australian bridal blog. I had no idea I was on there until a customer linked me to the page and asked if she could order it. I was so excited that I did a little dance around my kitchen.

bridal hairpieces

Where can our readers find you online?
Purchases can be made from

You can keep up to date with new products and behind the scenes insight at

Any advice for someone considering to start a wedding business?
It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing someone wants to wear something you created on one of the most important days of their life. My advice and my personal motto is “Be courageous; do the right thing”.  To me that means, have the courage to put faith in yourself and your abilities. If you always work with honesty and integrity, you will succeed.

bridal hairpieces


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