Interview with Goth Chic Milano, men’s wedding accessories


During a wedding when you are dressed in a suit it is important to distinguish yourself, whether with a tie, a striking pocket square or a nice pair of cufflinks.

To give your cufflinks a unique look, you can have it engraved with Goth Chic Milano that are specialized in men’s wedding accessories. For example a family crest, your personal initials or the initials of you and your partner when you get married. Read more in the interview.

How did you come up with the idea for your men’s accessory line?
Goth Chic Milano is born from the idea of creating unique accessories, entirely handmade that become a distinctive sign for those who wear them.


What does your work entail?
Our work is a mix between the past and the future; we are inspired by the ancient techniques of Italian artisans and we combine them with modern technologies such as 3D printing, autocad modeling and computer-controlled tools. We choose the materials carefully the materials we use in the respect of tradition and in respect of our Planet. We do not use, for our choice, paints and chemical solvents, preferring natural substances such as beeswax, sand and natural lacquers. We buy all the precious woods from certified plantations that respect the times and the needs of the territories where the trees grow.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Our greatest success is the relationship we establish with our customers; we sell accessories in almost all countries of the world and we try to forge links with each of our customers/friends. It happens very often, especially with personalized accessories, that we let ourselves be told about the type of person or type of event to better interpret the needs of customers. It also happens, in the case of weddings, that the spouses send us some beautiful photos of their weddings while they wear our accessories.


Where can our readers find you online?
Our products are for sale both on Etsy and on our website:

Any advice for someone considering to buy wedding accessories for men?
Goth Chic Milan is the right place to buy unique and special men’s accessories for a wedding; both for the groom and for all the other men who will participate during the wedding. The uniqueness of them will lead the owners to wear our accessories even in everyday life

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