Interview with Linden Candle Company, personalized wedding favors

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I fell in love with working with brides to create a personalized piece of their special night that their guests would love to take home.

We had the privilege to interview Linden Candle Company they offer amazing personalized hand-poured soy candles. Founder Alicia started her candle company in Long Beach, California and her personalized eco-friendly wedding favors are a great success. If you are looking for a gift for an engagement or wedding party you will love these candles that look and smell amazing. With great attention to detail and customization to make your wedding favors candles really personal! Read all about it in the interview below.

How did you come up with the idea for your candle company?
I graduated in Biochemistry and while searching for something that was remotely related to my degree, I started looking into mixing different candle scents. It was important to me that my candles were vegan and eco-friendly with all natural ingredients. I made a few batches for Christmas gifts one year and my family loved them. I put some up on ETSY and quickly started getting custom orders for weddings and, well – all history from there. I fell in love with working with brides to create a personalized piece of their special night that their guests would love to take home. In our first year open we did about 80 weddings and a ton of baby showers and misc events!

Linden Candle Company, wedding favors

What does your work entail?
Everything we do is made to order. Keeping our batches small allows us to check every candle and make sure everything is perfect. Since our orders are custom, our designers work with our customers to make their personalized label exactly how they want it.

What is your greatest achievement so far
I would definitely have to say it would be how far we have come in a short amount of time. I started this business in a downtown studio apartment. It was 1 bedroom and less than 750sqft so you can just imagine how hard it was making hundreds of candles at a time- we literally had to move the couch and sacrifice our living room to this business for half of the first year. I am so proud of what Linden Candle Company has evolved into. Even growing faster than expected, we make our customer service our #1 priority. It is YOUR special day and we never lose sight of that.

Where can our readers find you online?
Readers can find our shop at which is temporarily re-directed to our ETSY shop, while we build our new home. We can also be found on Instagram:

Any advice for someone considering to have a wedding business?
I would absolutely say to STICK TO IT. Some months we had 6k in sales and some months we had literally $100. Starting a business is hard- nobody said it was easy. Sometimes you’re the CEO, sometimes you’re the janitor, sometimes you work for free, sometimes you come in early and stay late. Stay positive and stay on brand through all of the ups and downs!

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