Interview with Los Angeles based wedding photographer Teri B

There’s nothing more rewarding than people telling me how touched they are by the art we created together. That’s really what its all about for me.

Teri B came to Hollywood to pursue acting. She was a stand-in for Zooey Deschanel four seasons on the show of Fox’s New Girl. Her background is in performing arts + storytelling. Besides her passion for acting her dream was to become a destination wedding photographer and so she fell into a career in Wedding Photography and made her dream come true. In the past year, she shot projects in Iceland, France, England, Bali, Florida and all around California. She is a firm believer of what you put forth in the world you will get back. Read the interview to find out more about Teri.

How did you come up with the idea to become a wedding photographer?
Growing up I was very much into theater and performing. I loved telling stories. This took me on a journey to pursue acting in Hollywood after college. An actor’s headshot was a resume and since headshots were expensive I got out my small camera and began tinkering around. I taught myself lighting and editing and began to find that this all meant more to me than having an update here and there. I shot my first wedding Fall of 2105 and I was hooked. Everything made sense to me. Shooting a wedding is a full day of storytelling, what I’ve loved my whole life already!

What does your work entail?
I shoot weddings in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I also shoot destination and adventure elopements all over France and Europe. My work has taken me to Iceland, Bali, New Zealand, England, Montana, Florida and the PNW.

What is your greatest achievement so far
Working four seasons on the tv show ‘New Girl’

Where can our readers find you online?
Visit my website

Any advice for someone considering becoming a wedding photographer?
For Wedding Photographers: Shoot what you’d like to do more of. Keep building and shooting and practicing. Practice won’t make you perfect but it will help you be prepared as opportunities come along. Start developing an awareness of the world around you. I have an ongoing game I play with myself where I see a setting and think of a few different ways to tell a story there.

Do you have any tips for brides to be to pose better in photos?

Think about the story you want to tell in your photos, channel the mood necessary to achieve that story and trust your photographer!

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