Interview with My Party Saver, how to spoil your guests with affordable luxuries

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The happier the guest the more memorable the event.  You can have the best food and flowers, but if guests are bored, it will be a flop. A reception is a party and every effort should be expended to make sure their guests enjoy it.

We had the privilege to interview My Party Saver, they offer products to make sure that your wedding guests will have an experience they will never forget. If you want to find out how to spoil your guests with affordable luxuries read the interview. Great tips to plan your perfect wedding!

What is the inspiration behind My Party Saver?
My Party Saver was truly inspired by the marriage of our founders. Stepping out on a limb, they decided to focus on making sure their guests were happy and enjoyed themselves. True hosts, they believed if the guests were happy, they would in turn be happy. After weeks of googling other ideas and companies already in existence, they couldn’t find just what they needed.  So they decided to do it themselves. It began before the guests even set eyes on the bride and groom. As guests, from all over the country, arrived at the wedding hotel, they were met with unique and custom welcome boxes, hand made by our founders. They included a treat for all the senses and couldn’t have been more appreciated by the guests, especially the late arrivals! Throughout the actual wedding, our founders offered small treats for guests to use during the reception. It began by offering flip flops for the female guests to slip into.  Decorated in organza bags, they were placed in decorated baskets lining the dance floor and identified with signs reading “Kick off your shoes, and dance the Night away”. One of their biggest planning concerns was how to ensure guests stayed on the dance floor the whole night.  After surveying friends and family, they decided offering guests a solution for their aching feet was a perfect addition. And it worked!  The DJ loved the idea, the female guests couldn’t stop raving about them and they were gone in less than 20 minutes.
flipflops, mypartysaver“Hmm”, they thought, “maybe we’re on to something.”  Later in the evening, because the reception was partly indoor, partly outdoor, they offered shawls for guests to wrap around their shoulders while they stepped outside.  It helped ensure all areas the guests were invited to experience were, in fact, used!  Seeing the smile on the guests face and how much they were enjoying themselves resonated with the hosts. Wedding planners from other weddings even came into their wedding and asked about the guest gifts!  After the wedding, guests continued to contact them asking where they got those guest gifts.  Then it struck them, this can be a business. My Party Saver continues to pull its inspiration from all the weddings and other events its items are used at which makes sure the guest experience is not forgotten and put at the forefront of hosts minds!

What advice would you give the bride and groom to plan their perfect wedding?
Our advice for a bride and groom planning their wedding is there is no such thing as a perfect wedding for the bride and groom, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t think its perfect!  The first advice is if something doesn’t do as planned, roll with the punches. As for the actual planning for the day, we at MPS believe the marriage ceremony is for the bride and groom and the reception is for the guests.

The more you can put yourselves in the guests shoes, the better. With all the planning that goes into just a few hours, it sometimes can be easy to forget that.  The truth of the matter is, though, the happier the guest the more memorable the event.  You can have the best food and flowers, but if guests are bored, it will be a flop. A reception is a party and every effort should be expended to make sure their guests enjoy it. For example, some guests travel an entire day just to arrive for your special day or weekend.  Welcome them the right way and make them feel appreciated for traveling all that way with a welcome box.

The day of the wedding, odds are, your female guests will spend almost 10 to 12 hours in high heels. Think about it. They get dressed a few hours before the wedding, arrive to the ceremony, attend cocktail hour, then spend hours at a reception. When its all said and done, by hour 7, many of them will be tired of prancing around in their high heels and want to sit.  if you want them on the dance floor, make it easy for them and give them something to be comfortable in!  It’s also a great trick to make sure you don’t have any bare feet showing up in those wedding photos.  But, most of all, be sure to take time to enjoy the day it its entirety.  It goes fast and only happens once but, if done right, will leave your guests raving forever!

Can youwelcombox tell us more about the wedding box that My Party Saver offers?
My Party Saver offers two different types of wedding Welcome Boxes, an “Original” and a “Guilt-Free” option. However, both have the same goal in mind, to ensure every guest feels welcome and happy when they receive the box. We hand-picked every item to ensure that our welcome box is one every bride can be proud to give their guest.  They all come with a personalized label and are hand wrapped in a double sided satin ribbon in a selected color.  A custom itinerary can also be added to each box to let guests know what to expect for your day or weekend events.

The Original Box includes 7 items: 2 Fiji water bottles; Ferrero Rocher chocolate; bag of Skittles; bag of North Fork Chips (leading luxury chip); a Kind Bar (granola) and a tin of Altoids.

For our Guilt Free Box, all products are certified gluten free.  They include: 2 bottles of Fiji Water; Nana’s gluten free chocolate cookie; bag of Jelly Belly assorted jelly beans; bag of salted Kettle Chips; Kind Bar (granola) and a box of Tic Tacs.

We recognize everything a bride provides for her guest is a reflection of her and her wedding, which is why we only choose items at the top of their respective product categories. A water, sweet, savory, chocolate and mint – something for any palate.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Our greatest achievement so far has been the overall feedback we have received from brides using our products. We truly do feel a sense of pride and achievement each time we hear amazing compliments and the true happiness a bride has when she tells us that her dance floor was full because guests were dancing all night in our flip flops or a bride telling us her in-laws compared her wedding to that of the “Kennedys” because she provided our welcome boxes. Comments and feedback like that have been our greatest achievement. One of our guiding principles is to make our luxury items affordable enough so every single bride can give their guests an amazing experience without breaking the bank.

Where can our readers find you online?
We are online at our website,

Facebook: ,

Instagram @mypartysaver 

We also have reviews and listings on Goolge Plus, Wedding Wire, The Knot and our own website.

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