Interview with stained glass artist Reyan Naim

wedding ring

Reyan Naim is a stained glass artist who specializes in wedding ring and engagement boxes, candle boxes, sun catchers, terrariums and transoms. A decade ago he took his first stained glass class and continued it as a hobby.
He decided to transform his hobby into a business and opened an Etsy store. Reyan also sells pieces at a couple of stores and seasonal markets. Read the interview to find out more about his work.

Tell us about yourself
In 1994, I moved to Canada, from Lebanon, where I worked as an accountant. I became a long-haul truck driver, and decided to transform my decade-long stained glass hobby into a business when my mother grew ill. I now produce everything, by hand, in my home workshop.

What are your boxes used for?
My ring boxes are popular as engagement/wedding ring boxes and as jewelery boxes. I make them in various shapes with coloured and clear glass, textured (water glass) and regular glass. I’m always happy to customize!

What inspired you to make them?
I was inspired to make these boxes because they are popular and traditional to many countries in the Middle East.

Where can we find you online?
Visit my store: and Instagram

wedding ring

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    Nishaan Doctor

    WOW! So cool! I would totally buy these for my family and friends!

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