Interview with wedding photographer Robert Lupu

wedding photographer
To see my clients very happy, for me this is the best experience.
How did you get started as a wedding photographer?
I started in 2003 as an architectural and design photographer for magazines.

What is your wedding photography style?
I don’t have one style. I try to combine in my photos, especially for weddings, different styles (Fashion, Artistic, Photo reportage) I don’t like the same style in my photos.


wedding photographer

What has been your best experience as a wedding photographer?
I have many beautiful experiences as a wedding photographer. But I think the best experience is when in the end of a wedding, the clients come to you very happy and they hug you. To see my clients very happy, for me this is the best experience.

What are the final products you give wedding clients?
As a final product, usually they want photo albums. Different style, different size. Sometimes they want large photo prints on paper, like a painting.


wedding photographer

If you could photograph any destination wedding, where would it be?
For a wedding destination I don’t have a particular preference. If the people are beautiful inside, the places are perfect for me. But I love the country side more then the city, for example the region Toscana, Italy or an island like Bora Bora, Maui, Antigua. 

Where can we find you online?

You can find me online at  /  Facebook page: Robert Lupu Weddings / Instagram: robertlupu_photo

wedding photographer

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