Is Korean CC Cream Any Good

What Are Korean CC Creams?

Are you tired of your usual foundations and moisturizers? Then you might prefer to check out Korean CC creams.

Korean CC creams can provide you a youthful and radiant shine without the heaviness of foundation. They help address face discoloration and cover up your blemishes or dark spots.

If you have wrinkles or other fine lines on your face, these creams will have you looking younger and enthusiastic.

It’s also worth mentioning that many women turned their backs on regular foundations and chose Korean CC creams.

A heavy cream foundation, for instance, can block the skin pores and trigger acne breakouts. And if you have sensitive skin, it can create other skin problems as well.

So, that’s why Korean CC creams are a more preferred option for many women.

You’re probably wondering what “CC” means?

CC stands for color correction.



In the 1950s, German doctor Christine Schrammek invented the blemish balm (BB) cream for her patients. It served as a milder product intended for correcting the original options after peels or facials operations.

Because BB creams provide many advantages, it gained popularity in Asia after it was introduced three decades later.

In 2010, the CC cream trend entered the market, starting with Rachel k, a Singapore-based brand.


What Does It Do?

CC stands for either color-control or color correcting. Its name is built after its successful predecessor. As the name suggests, it’s geared towards correcting color imperfections in the skin, giving it a more even look.

Those who have skin redness, hyperpigmentation, and shallow skin tone get the best benefit from CC creams. This means that compared to BB creams, CC creams provide more coverage.

CC creams generally tend to be more lightweight than BB creams.


Benefits of Korean CC creams


More Than A Color-Correcting Cream:

You may be thinking about what’s so special about a color-correcting cream when a foundation and concealer gives the same results.

There are plenty of multi-colored concealers in the market that effectively correct color imperfections using the color wheel as a basis. The rule is colored on opposite sides of the wheel cancel each other out.

So a green concealer corrects pink spots and redness while purple takes care of yellow spots. But here’s what’s unique about the Korean CC cream—you don’t need multiple colors to correct skin color imperfections. More importantly, it does not only provide color-correcting properties.

Preventive and Corrective Features:

Korean CC creams have both preventive and corrective features with long-time effects. For example, a few CC creams can whiten and brighten the skin, provide UV ray protection, and diminish fine lines.

Other effects also include reducing dark spots and a few counter any redness in the skin.

In fact, a study shows that a CC cream produced by Olay lightened skin discoloration after two months.

Because of its flexibility, Korean CC creams have risen in popularity as more people have become too busy to spend long hours in front of the mirror. These products simplify the often-complicated makeup routine. To some people, a CC cream provides enough coverage to justify skipping other products such as foundation, concealer, and highlighter.

You can think of it as a product that combines the good qualities of makeup and a skincare routine.

Other Benefits:

Korean CC cream protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that can conduct photoaging.

While a few more traditional foundations claim that they have anti-aging ingredients, nothing preserves your skin better than a good CC cream.

Remember that CC cream alone might not be enough sun protection for a day spent exposed to the sun’s direct rays.

Since a layer of Korean CC cream might not provide as much non-transparent coverage as a regular foundation, you might want to apply a little bit extra if you’re going for a glossy look.

It won’t be everyone’s preference, but some beauty experts would say that makes it buildable.

Korean CC cream also offers some flexibility in its uses. Since you can simply spread some on before popping out for work when you don’t want a full face of makeup, or even use a thin layer of it as a primer to protect your skin while you layer foundation over the top.

Your mileage may differ with Korean CC cream, depending on your skin type, your desired outcome, and the product line that you choose to use.

Is it good for oily skin?

Lots of beauty brands claim that Korean CC cream is good for all skin types, even skin that’s prone to oil buildup. The truth is that your success with this cream will vary wildly according to the one you choose.

Korean CC cream can work for oily skin — in contrast to BB (beauty balm) cream, CC cream tends to be less oily, and it feels lighter on the skin.

Does that mean that it’ll work for your skin? It’s hard to know unless you try.

How do Korean CC creams compare to the foundation?

Foundation is a skin-colored makeup that’s applied to even out your skin tone. It’s ideal for covering up discoloration, such as redness, hyperpigmentation, etc.

You can find foundation in many forms, such as liquid, cream, solid stick and so on. You can also get it in various finishes (dewy to matte) and levels of coverage (light to full).

Compared to Korean CC creams, the foundation is heavier and provides more coverage. Usually, it lacks skin-friendly ingredients, so it’s not a multipurpose product.

If you use foundation, you’ll still have to wear sunscreen, moisturizer, and primer underneath. You typically don’t need these products if you use a Korean CC cream.

The Importance of Healthy Skin in Korean Culture

The simple explanation boils down to the Korean culture. Korean advertising emphasizes skin health. Their high valuing of smooth and dewy complexions led Korea to become a leader in the cosmetic industry.

Their advertising clearly shows the importance of vanity and cosmetics in their lives.

They treasure healthy skin more than good makeup can cover imperfections.

The value they put on beauty is also clear because South Korea is number 1 in the world when it comes to cosmetic procedures per capita.

Is it all marketing?

Korean CC cream is comparatively new to the market, but it’s certainly not an entirely new product. This cream is basically a tinted moisturizer, with the trappings of color theory and a modernized element list.

That doesn’t mean that Korean CC cream doesn’t live up to its claim to fix your complexion, delay wrinkles, and hydrate your skin.

So while Korean CC cream is an inventive way of packaging and marketing the idea of a certain kind of tinted moisturizer, it’s more than a marketing tactic.


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