Jaw-Dropping Ideas About Your Girl’s Night out Before Your Wedding

As the bridesmaid, your roles vary from anything and everything during and after the impending wedding, including giving moral and emotional support, organizing, and monitoring supplies. Also, the maid is expected to be by the bride’s side when checking if the wedding dress fits, helping in planning the wedding, and, most importantly, being on the steering wheel in the formulation and execution of the bachelorette parties. Also referred to by some as a hen party, a bachelorette party is an event dedicated to the bride and the friends, held before the wedding to celebrate the last times of the girl’s bachelorhood with friends and the maids. The best maid is in charge of putting all the plans together on the activities and games that the hen goers will take part in. If the task seems daunting – because it is, then you can visit this website celebrate just right who can help with matters planning and arrangements for a mind-blowing experience for you and the girls. Below are a few ideas to start on.

Movie night

This is not just a movie. It is a themed vintage movie: something you just needed on this night of celebration.  The movie night can be followed later by a customized after-party, which consists of music from a band or your favorite classic deejay. With drinks and cocktails, you can do anything. You and the girl can step back in time – like time travel and come back. It is sheer joy for the bride to be spending the last of her days as a bachelor with her friends and discussing some silly plots over drinks.

Weekend on the farm

This sounds silly and dry of fun, but only if you haven’t tried it out. The activities you can indulge in with the girls include hen chasing, baking bread, jumping the rope, milking the cow – yes, milking. These activities can be tiresome and less fun if you are not doing them for fun. However, you can derive a lot of joy from partnering with your friends to do farm activities. Furthermore, they provide fantastic memories. You can as well take photos while in action.

Cooking classes

This can be perfect for the foodie crew. If you and the maids are food-maniacs, then this activity may suit you just perfectly. With the help of a professional chef, let yourself be taken into a whole new world of recipes and how to represent them in actual cooking. Many restaurants offer cooking classes. Therefore, if you are skeptical about how you will hire an expensive chef, don’t bother. Go and find this chef at the office.

Scavenger hunt

Hunting itinerary and treasures work for almost anything. It is a fun game that is as competitive as it is fun to play. In this setting, the bride is the judge of the winning team. Therefore, all the girls are divided into small groups making each one a team ready to go head to head to crack the clues and directions to collect the items that are needed. The team with most items is rewarded. The game can get a notch higher where if an item on the list is collected, the bride drinks a shot. The same happens until the last one. Or, the team which loses gets to drink.

Detective weekend

You can spice up your weekend with some police work crime-solving activity. This a perfect cover for the bride as the head of the task force, which tries to uncover a mystery death. The detectives are the maids, and they follow every clue that may help to solve the homicide. You can intensify the fun by throwing in some costumes for the job. The findings of the team are reported back to the head of the task force. With which after the murder is solved, the crew heads out for a celebration. You may not know it beforehand, but acting may exhilarate you to lengths you did not think existed.

Art and crafting

Are you a lover of art? Then you can take advantage of your newly found short-lived freedom to exercise your passion in a company of the girls. And as always, you can as well throw in a few tricks and ideas that will make the activity fun. Some groups will decide to go wild (like tradition requires them to), while others may choose to remain modest. Those who go wild may choose to draw pictures of male nudity or use plasticine and other materials to model it and have the bride play with it. However, others may choose to draw the image of the groom. And whoever comes close wins a gift. Either way, the mission is to have fun.

Dance classes

Some people don’t like to hear anything to do with classes. But how would you feel about coaching about your dance moves and, the class be dedicated to hens only. There you go, hens only. This is a promise of a fun-filled activity that will definitely involve a few glasses of wine or cocktails.

Spa weekend

Before your wedding, you need a pamper dedicated day so that you get to do that R&R you wanted so badly over a glass of your favorite wine. You can do this at a hen dedicated spa where there are packages that will suit your large entourage.


Do you fancy a night under the stars in the company of your girlfriends sipping drinks all weekend? Then here’s camping for you. It gives you an outdoor feeling with home comforts and safety. Furthermore, camping is ideal for a large number of people.

The bottom line

As the bride, you do not need to worry about what activities you will partake in your last bachelor party with your girlfriends. There are thousands of them. In fact, you can come up with your own, and it will do just fine. All you need is like-minded maids and girlfriends who will not mind your “madness” when you get to break the news about your plans for the weekend.

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